By CBS 2 Chicago Staff

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Jefferson Park neighborhood family shared their story Monday after a man was caught on camera touching himself right outside their front door.

As CBS 2’s Meredith Barack reported, it is video that has to be seen to be believed. The man makes no effort to hide what he is doing – the first time in broad daylight in the street, the second time at night on the family’s porch.

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“Our Ring only recorded about 30 seconds of it but, you can clearly see his face,” said Winnie, the woman who lives in the home.

CBS 2 has decided not to show you what happens after his face comes into view. But unfortunately, Winnie – whose identity we are protecting – said her mother-in-law saw everything.

“She saw him doing that,” Winnie said, “and finally, when she realized what was happening, she told him she was going to call the cops – which she did.”

Winnie said the footage captured Sunday was not her first encounter with the man, as he did the same thing the weekend before last.

“In my peripheral vision, I see a guy in the middle of the street right there,” she said.

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The two incidents have forced her family to become extra-cautious, in a neighborhood they said has always been safe.

“We keep all our windows down and all our blinds down and we’ve added more sensors within our house,” Winnie said. “We taught our daughter what to do if a guy shows up at the door and she doesn’t recognize him.”

Winnie hopes someone identifies the man quickly so no one else becomes a victim like her.

“What you’re doing is traumatizing people,” she said, “and I want to feel safe in my own community and in my own house – so please stop.”

The family has filed two police reports. Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to contact police immediately.

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CBS 2 Chicago Staff