CHICAGO (CBS)– Through this job crisis, CBS 2 is Working For Chicago and working with a career coach to bring you the advice on looking for and landing a job.

This week, we are focusing on using technology to meet new people and strengthen you professional network during the pandemic.

“One thing people may not be aware of is that sites live Eventbrite and are have tons of these events available on their sites, “Lynee Alves, president of Interview Like An Expert, said. “Just log on and do a search for networking and you’ll see networking events locally and all over the country and lots of resources.”

She says other other online networking tools include LinkedIn Groups. You can also connect with professional groups in your field on Facebook.

Alves also recommends checking out virtual career events held by local organizations, churches and job networking support groups. These can be found by a basic Google search.

She also said researching local Rotary clubs and virtual conferences can be helpful.

“Now that conferences have moved online, their whole process has changed, “Alves said. “They actual offer virtual networking within those conferences and they can put you into networking break-out rooms, so you can connect with those people who are in your industry or who share this interest with you.”