CHICAGO (CBS) — As ballots are being tabulated in several states to determine the number of electoral votes needed for President Donald Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden to win the presidency, Chicago’s mayor is hoping for a new administration.

Asked during her COVID-19 news conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said a Biden administration would approach the pandemic differently than what she said is happening with the Trump’s response.

“I have great confidence in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I think that they are committed to, first and foremost, really taking charge of this horrible pandemic, coming up with real strategies and listening to local officials, like mayors. So that gives me a great deal of hope,” Lightfoot said.

The mayor added that there are other issues the Democratic challenger could handle better than Trump.

“A new administration, if it is Biden-Harris, is going to be walking into a lot of deep problems. COVID-19 being one of them. An economy that is on the verge of collapse, a loss of standing in the world, environmental hazards. I mean, the list is really, really long,” Lightfoot said. “The thing that gives me hope is, knowing a little bit about these two people, that they will govern with empathy. And that means a lot, particularly given what we’ve been through the last four years.”