By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS)– Airports have been very busy the past few days with Thanksgiving travel, but Wednesday and Sunday are expected to be the busiest travel days.

This is according to TSA administrators, and it’s proof that people are traveling despite the warning from health officials.

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TSA workers are also testing positive for COVID-19. More than 2,900 TSA workers have been diagnosed since March. At O’Hare Airport, 136 TSA workers have tested positive.

That’s the second most cases in the country.

As for travelers, the skies over the U.S are about as busy as last year, but passenger traffic is down nearly 60%.

More than four million have passed through TSA checkpoints, which is the most since March.

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TSA officials say they’ve added some safety measures, like plexiglass barriers, officers in PPE and new ID and bag scanners that reduce touch points.

“There’s fewer points of contact between a passenger and an officer. Additionally, it’s much better security. I mean, every every technology we put in place provides a significant security improvement,” TSA administrator David Peksoke said.

Officials say if you are traveling, make sure you social distance while at the airport.

O’Hare and midway requires anyone over the age of two wear a mask.

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