CHICAGO (CBS) — Flautist Donald Rabin returned to Chicago to pick up a $22,000 flute that was recovered several days after he lost it on the CTA Blue Line.

Chicago Police detectives returned the flute to Rabin Thursday at the Shakespeare (14th) District police station, 2150 N. California Ave.

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He went on to play the flute at the police station, and at the Logan Square Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line subway stop, where he lost it last week.

Flautist Donald Rabin was riding the Blue Line Friday night when he lost the flute.

He was rushing to get off the ‘L’ and he had his phone – which he needed to catch his Lyft. He was also juggling bags. And then he realized he had left his $22,000 flute on the train.

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Rabin told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov this week that the flute also has deep sentimental value.

“It’s a professional flute that, when my grandmother died, this was part of the inheritance that I received, and so I like to take that little bit with me whenever I go play the flute,” Rabin said.

Late Wednesday, Rabin learned the flute turned up in a pawn shop after a homeless couple tried to sell it. He does not want to prosecute. Instead, he wants to get the word about a GoFundMe set up to help the couple.

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CBS 2 Chicago Staff