By Lauren Victory

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Bensenville man is creating a buzz in the food industry with a product and business model that is a real stress relieve for both buyers and sellers.

You’ve heard of “Farm to Table.” At heaven’s honey, it’s “From Comb to Home.”

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They collect local beekeepers surplus and then fill the public’s desire for raw, unfiltered honey.

“We’re in over 200 stores,” said founder Abdullah Motiwala.

Customer Christina Fantozzi dollops Heaven’s Honey over all sorts of food and not just for the taste.

“One of the first changes I started to see since using this honey was my allergies kind of become less,” Fantozzi said.

It’s good for the body and the bees. Handlers must follow founder Motiwala’s rules.

“We make sure that they’re not using any pesticides or chemicals in their vegetation,” said Motiwala.

He explains how his Bensenville business model is mixing up the industry.

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“Instead of the farmer going to the farmers’ market, setting up a tent, putting up a table and selling let’s say $200 worth of product that day or a little bit more, we’re purchasing thousands from them,” he said.

Buying in bulk means selling their product at a lower price per pound, but it also allows the beekeepers to focus on their honey makers.

“Not having to worry about sales and just worry about upkeep,” he said.

“He knows that I’m in a small business that’s up and growing,” said Felten Farms Beekeeper Abdullah Felten.

Felten, a commercial bee farmer, actually declined an offer to sell to Heaven’s Honey because he wants to focus on his own customer base at Felten Farms, but he was touched by Motiwala’s sweet gesture to help him expand.

“It’s almost like a charitable act,” Felten said. “He’s linked me up to people that reach out to him. There’s a place in Willow Springs, Illinois, that they want beehives on their property.”

It’s a growing network and a growing company.

Next up is adding to the popular line of naturally infused flavors and finding a bigger workspace.

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Twenty beekeepers and counting work with Heaven’s Honey. They are based across Illinois and Wisconsin.

Lauren Victory