By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS)– After the winter storm hit the Chicago area, it’s now a battle to clear up side streets. Many neighborhoods are still waiting for plows.

CBS 2’s Mugo Odigwe was live in Bridgeport, early Wednesday morning, in the Mobile Weather Lab. Odigwe said snow was being cleared from the side streets, but conditions were difficult to navigate.

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As of 11 a.m., Odigwe reported the side street conditions have improved since this morning. However, some side streets still need work.

“We drove by the same streets and things are looking so much better,” She said. “It’s going to take some patience.”

Earlier Wednesday morning, Odigwe said dump trucks were unloading heavy snow piles near Pulaski and Argyle in the North Park community.

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The city said snow will be moved out of hard-hit areas downtown to create more space.

The city confirmed more than 400 plows and salt spreaders were deployed to clear side streets across Chicago. Each ward has a front loader and dump truck working to haul snow away.

But the wait for the work to be done is still frustrating for some on the South Side.

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“We should be prepared to take care of this already and being that we’re in COVID, things should be up and prepared and ready,” resident Alraynita Coleman said. “It should not have been a lackluster effort.”