By Chris Tye

CHICAGO (CBS) — With the multiple cases in Minnesota and the soon-to-be released police body cam of a Chicago officer fatally shooting 13-year old Adam Toledo, CPD is preparing for what this week may have in store.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye reports on some lessons learned and the questions that still linger after the multiple moments of unrest in the city last year.

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CPD got failing grades from the city Inspector General for last spring’s handling of the fallout from George Floyd’s death, particularly as it relates to mass arrests, use of force and accountability.

This comes as its next big test may be nearing.

As salt trucks and plywood fortify streets and structures, CPD has plans underway to deal with how to handle a possible tough week ahead.

But fixing the mismanagement on display in the days after George Floyd’s death may prove most instructive. A 135-page report from the city’s Inspector General was a brutal report card on how “CPD was unprepared to deal with this volume of arrests…”

It was moments like this when the Inspector General’s report said baton strikes went unreported and body cams were often not activated. In several standoffs, the report said CPD was outflanked, underequipped and unprepared.”

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“…even as indications appeared on social media signaling the planning of large-scale public protest…CPD was underprepared and ill-equipped for the events that followed,” according to the report.

From top to bottom:

“…chaos and confusion in the command staff ranks struck a serious blow to morale of front-line members who plainly felt failed by their Department..”

A CPD spokesperson said the “after-action report” from last year’s unrest helped steer changes in areas highlighted for improvement.”

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But no specific policy changes were shared with CBS 2.