By Marie Saavedra

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (CBS) — A popular trail in Bolingbrook is now closed after a woman’s morning dog walk turned into a face off with a wild animal.

“So I see people walking on the walking path right now, and they are endangering their lives,” said Ann Reinerston.

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She is a regular on the Lily Cache Creek Trail, but she will never look at it the same way.

“This coyote, who looked horrible, had a lot of fur missing and looked sick, charged at us,” she said.

It zeroed in on her and her 75 pound beagle shepherd mix Chip.

“It kept biting at my toes of my tennis shoes and was trying to jump on my back,” she said. “Chip was about to bite, and the coyote was about to bite. And I pulled chip back. It was just awful.”

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Coyotes are often seen in the area — so frequently that several neighbors shared photos and videos. Usually they leave people and dogs alone, so Sunday’s attack got Bolingbrook Police and animal control involved. They posted a warning online and closed the trail after finding the coyote’s den back in the brush. Still the park is pretty and very popular.

“I thought we were going to die,” said Reinerston.

So she is begging her neighbors to take the threat seriously, and for now, find another place to walk their dogs. 

“I know the City is putting up ‘path closed’ signs, and if people choose to ignore them, they’re walking at their own risk,” she said.

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Bolingbrook now has park district officers patrolling the trail and nearby parks. Coyotes are protected under the Illinois Wildlife Code. The state department of natural resources is also involved. It will be up to them to grant a removal permit. Only then can the coyotes here be relocated.

Marie Saavedra