By Mugo Odigwe

CHICAGO (CBS) — Residents in Arlington Heights honored fallen heroes and veterans with a drive by salute.

CBS 2’s Mugo Odigwe was there.

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There are flags out here and wreaths on the ground too. People drove by Chestnut Avenue to pay their respects to our fallen heroes.

But the morning started off with first responders. Car after car, with flashing lights drove by Chestnut Avenue as a small crowd looked on.

On the ground In front of Memorial Park, a long line of 58 wreaths, each with the name of an Arlington Heights hero who died in war.

“That’s my brother Bill.”

Patti Dabbert Cunningham’s brother’s William Dabbert who died in the Vietnam War is one of them.
He was only 24.

“He left a mark in life and he left a mark on all his classmates,” Cunningham said.

She said she thinks of her older brother everyday, but on this day, she honors him, and every other person who fought and gave up everything.

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“He did not have to serve because they had student deferments at that time, Cunningham said. “He chose to serve because somebody else would have had to go.”

Mikayla Stack is honoring her dad.

James Stack was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. She was only a year old at the time.

Mikayla said it’s nice to see the row of wreaths at Memorial Park.

“That it shows how much people appreciate the people who’ve fallen for them,” Stack said.

That’s why Arlington Heights officials do this.

“Every year we make a promise in Arlington Heights to the families or our fallen heroes that we’ll never ever forget them,” said Greg Padovani of the Veterans Memorial Committee.

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This is the 102nd year the village is  commemorating Memorial Day.