By CBS 2 Chicago Staff

VALPARAISO, Ind. (CBS) — A CBS 2 viewer reached out to us after buying a film reel at an Indiana antique store.

He is hoping to reunite family members with the priceless reel, and with loved ones, and he told his story to CBS 2 photojournalist Reed Nolan.

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Bradley Hill and his wife got married in Valparaiso and said he has 500 or 600 photos of the wedding.

“These big events, you always want to remember them – and I would hate to think that my wedding album or something else may end up in a garage sale or a yard sale one day, and not end up in my family’s possession,” he said.

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But that is exactly what happened with a piece of film he came across while shopping at an antique store in Rockville, Indiana – looking for décor for his movie-themed basement. He fired up the film, which featured Carol Audrey Schultz – born Feb. 25, 1939 – as a baby, right there with her birth announcement.

“It came from the antique shop. I’m not sure how long it’s been sitting there, but I mean, who knows how many times it’s changed hands since then,” Hill said.

The film showed Schultz’s first steps, and her whole life up until she was 4 years old. She would now be 82.

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CBS 2 Chicago Staff