CHICAGO (CBS) — Heather Mack, the woman who murdered her Chicago socialite mother and stuffed the body in a suitcase, is being released early from an Indonesian prison.

The Daily Mail reported Mack is getting out early for good behavior – shaving three years off her 10-year sentence in a Bali prison.

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Mack and her boyfriend were convicted in 2015 of killing Sheila von Wiese Mack.

Mack was sentenced to 10 years, as judges ruled she deserved leniency because she had recently given birth at the time, and her baby daughter, Stella, needed her mother.

Her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, was sentenced to 18 years, also receiving leniency from the judges – who said he showed remorse for his actions.

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Prosecutors had argued Mack and Schaefer plotted to kill von Wiese-Mack because she did not approve of their relationship.

Schaefer admitted beating von Wiese-Mack to death with a metal fruit bowl, but said he was acting in self-defense, when she tried to strangle him after the three argued about Mack’s pregnancy. Mack and Schaefer alleged von Wiese-Mack wanted her daughter to get an abortion, and threatened to harm the unborn child.

In Indonesia during the 2015 sentencing hearing, a judge described Schaefer’s actions as “sadistic,” but said his polite behavior in court, and remorse during the trial helped get him a lighter sentence. While prosecutors had sought 15 years for Mack and 18 for Schaefer, the judges had the option of sentencing the couple to the maximum punishment for premeditated murder in Indonesia – death by firing squad.

The convictions and sentences for Mack and Schaefer come about eight months after von Wiese-Mack’s body was found stuffed inside a suitcase the couple abandoned outside a Bali resort – after they hailed a taxi, but left the suitcase with the driver, and ran away from the hotel. They were arrested a day later, and tried separately by the same three-judge panel.

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Mack is now expected to be deported back to the United States after her release in October.

CBS 2 Chicago Staff