By Asal Rezaei

CHICAGO (CBS) — Only on 2.

An elderly couple robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on the South Side. Police still looking for the suspect. CBS 2’s Asal Rezaei reports from West Chesterfield where she spoke to one of the victims.

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An armed robber targets an elderly couple on the South Side Monday morning. A neighbor’s home surveillance camera caught the whole thing. A woman holding a cane in the video agreed to speak to CBS 2 as long as her identity was not revealed.

She said it happened right outside of their home as her husband was getting ready to drive her to work. A U-Haul van pulls up behind their parked car.

“We just assumed it was U-Haul someone pulling up for our neighbors next door,” said the woman, who added that was when she heard a car door slam.

“When I turned and looked, I saw the guy had got out the car and he was coming towards me holding a gun,” she said.

The woman said in that moment, she froze. In the video you can see him snatching her purse from her hand before making his way around the car towards her husband.

“My husband said I don’t have anything,” she said. “I don’t have a wallet.”

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Then, the suspect is seen running back to the van, almost driving over the sidewalk, backing up, before speeding away.


“One of my neighbors from across the street came up and said ‘are y’all okay? Are y’all hurt? I saw the man with the gun coming towards y’all.’”

The woman said she and her husband have been extra cautious with the recent spike in carjackings and shootings.

“At least he didn’t do any of that crazy shooting we’ve been hearing so much about in the city of people getting shot,” the woman said, who added that she’s just thankful all the suspect got away with was her purse.

“Nothing I can’t replace,” the woman said. “At least have our lives and we’re just thankful for that.”

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The couple is understandably shaken up, along with neighbors in the area. Police are still looking for that U-Haul van and the suspect.