By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS)– It was a special day for the veterans. The baggage terminal at Midway airport was filled with people welcoming back the 93 veterans Wednesday night after spending the day in Washington D.C. touring various military monuments there. This flight is special because everyone on the flight was a woman.

While they may have served different branches and even served at different times, there is a strong bond as this is the first ever all female honor flight dubbed ‘Operation Her-Story’.

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Some of the veterans spoke with CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar to say for so long they were in the background overshadowed by men, and today they felt and knew that this was there day.

“In my 99 years I have never been so overtaken with emotion,” said Bette Hortsman.

“To know that our sacrifices really mattered, it’s amazing,” said Joye Morris.

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In D.C. the nearly 100 veterans stopped at the Women’s Memorial and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

On this special trip were 84-Vietnam veterans, seven Korean war veterans, and get this, two World War II veterans. De Mar had the honor of speaking with Vietnam veteran, Connie Edwards.

“It makes me feel like it was not wasted. My time was not wasted,” Edwards said. “I am glad to have served. It’s an honor. And now I can appreciate it. I can appreciate what I did.”

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An emotional day for the veterans as they were welcomed to a huge welcome home in Chicago and Washington D.C. The flight was supposed to happen in 2020 but was delayed due to COVID. Even though it was delayed, these veterans go their thank you today.

Charlie De Mar