Challenges Of Rebuilding On Chicago's South Side 'Livelihoods Completely Devastated'"So now the community that you live in has to rebuild."
Boeing Is Building The 737 Max Again, Even Though It Is Not Yet Approved To FlyThe company temporarily stopped building the plane in January, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit most of the world's airlines.
CBS 2 Asks Amazon Tough Questions About COVID-19 Infections, Safety MeasuresAmazon offered us a chance to learn about what it is doing to keep workers safe in the wake of employee deaths and concerns here and across the world. We were interested, but only if we could ask whatever we wanted.
Between Chicago And Evanston, Whether Restaurants Can Reopen Friday Depends On Your Side Of Howard StreetThe State of Illinois was all set to move to Phase 3 of its reopening plan on Friday as figures improve during the coronavirus pandemic.
American Airlines To Cut Nearly A Third Of Management And Administrative JobsThe company is also offering voluntary buyouts through June 10 in a further bid to rein in expenses as it loses millions of dollars daily operating fewer flights.
COVID-19 Changes Coming Soon To A Chicago Business Near You"I just want to open the doors and welcome customers back."
Is Reopening A Restaurant Worth It?Many restaurants are once again reopening for table service, but coronavirus has fundamentally changed the calculus of eating out.
Boeing Slashes 12,000 Jobs As COVID-19 Seizes Travel IndustryA Boeing spokesperson said the actions represent the largest number of job cuts, but several thousand additional jobs will be eliminated in the next few months.
South Shore, Mercy, Trinity, And St. Bernard Hospitals Scrap $1.1 Billion Merger; 'No Path Forward For Our Project'The hospitals asked the Legislature for $110 million for fiscal year 2021 and a total of $520 million over five years to offset losses as they created the system and built a new hospital.
Ford Plant Workers Sound Alarm About COVID-19; Expert Calls For Paid Sick LeaveIt’s about more than just masks and hand sanitizer – on Tuesday night, one health expert told us what’s needed to keep people safe from the novel coronavirus as they return to work.
The Travails Of A Garbage Collector During The Coronavirus PandemicThe coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, including our essential workers on the front lines of waste disposal.