After Complaints About Taking Money And Not Sending Clothes, Head Of Chicago Playground Speaks -- And Issues Refunds On CameraAn Instagram-savvy fashion designer is now vowing to fix the problems exposed in a recent CBS 2 Morning Insiders story.
Expert Says COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Are Ripe For Fraud, And Not Just Identity TheftCOVID vaccine cards are supposed to prove that you’ve had the shot against the novel coronavirus – but there is nothing stopping someone from making a fake, and crooks know it.
Suspected Serial Scammer Ed Kavanaugh Charged With 21 Counts Of Home Repair Fraud By Illinois AGA prolific scammer is getting the state’s attention again.
Getting Hosed: Internal City Emails Uncovered By CBS 2 Investigators Reveal The City Derailed An Investigation Into Bad Billing PracticesChicago’s “Getting Hosed.” Again. In our exposé of the City's bad water billing system, we've asked over and over  -- why hasn’t anything been done to fix it? 
Unemployment Scammer Spills Secrets: Illinois Easy Target Because 'They Don’t Verify Anything'You’ve heard a lot about fraud in the state’s unemployment system, but you’ve never heard this: A scammer spills his secrets — how he steals your taxpayer dollars, leaving those desperately needing benefits stuck in limbo.
USDA Recalls Dips, Salad Products From Schiller Park-Based Food EvolutionBefore you set out food to accompany your Super Bowl viewing on Sunday, there is a major food recall you should know about – involving a suburban Chicago brand.
Couple Paid For Overseas Trip With Credit Card Reward Points, Trip Got Canceled Due To COVID-19, And Now Getting A Refund Is A HeadacheAirline customers are navigating mazes trying to get refunds on flights after COVID-19 derailed their travel plans.
Loophole In Illinois Law Capping Insulin Prices Leaves Patients Flabbergasted; 'I Just Don’t Understand Why I Have To Pay This Ridiculous Rate'Insulin's got a bad rap for breaking the bank. A new Illinois law was supposed to cap the price at $100 per month, so why are some still being charged eight times that?
Despite Reform Instituted Last Year, Some Illinois Tollway Users Struggle To Resolve Incorrect ChargesThe Illinois Tollway system instituted tolling reform last year, under which the penalty for a missed toll went down from $20 to $3. The reduction was supposed to streamline processing at Tollway call centers.
Putting The Brakes On Illinois’ Towing Troubles?The CBS 2 Investigators have been digging into towing troubles in Chicago and its suburbs for years. CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker discovered a solution that’s been a well-kept secret for more than a decade.
City Sets Aside Nearly $9 Million In Water Bill Relief Funds For Low-Income ChicagoansSome Chicago residents who have been drowning in water bills may not have to pay their overdue bills after all.
Man Has Warning After Being Scammed Out Of $11,000 By Fake Fraud Department That Persuades Him To Buy Gift CardsA senior citizen lost $11,000 to a fraudster who convinced him to run around town buying gift cards.
Crete Couple Says Home Repair Contractor Took Over $6,000 And Ran, And A Staffer Looked Familiar From Our Past StoriesA suburban family is out more than $6,000 to supposed contractors.
CBS 2 Exclusive: State Has Changed Policy To Try To Prevent Random Social Security Numbers Being Mailed To Strangers, But The List Of Victims Has Grown LongerThe list of victims is getting longer – the unlucky residents whose names and Social Security numbers were shared with strangers by the State of Illinois.
Lawsuit Seeks To Void Out Reverse Mortgages That Mark Diamond Is Accused Of Tricking Seniors Into SigningA man is suspected of stealing millions of dollars from vulnerable people in Chicago in a reverse mortgage scam.