Amazon Removes Books That Promoted An Autism 'Cure'The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, only medications that can help some function better. It also says there is no link between vaccines and autism.
Daylight Time Change Opportunity To Test Warning AlarmsThe National Fire Protection Association reports that from 2009 to 2013, three in five home-fire deaths were in houses that either did not have smoke detectors or where they weren't working properly.
UnitedHealthcare Broadens Direct Drug Rebate ProgramBeginning next year, all new employer-sponsored health plan customers that use UnitedHealthcare must give the discounts they get to consumers at the point of sale, the insurer said Tuesday.
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Audi Recalls Nearly 75,000 Vehicles Due To Fire RiskThe company says in documents posted Tuesday by the U.S. government that parts of the fuel injection system can leak, and if the fuel hits an ignition source, it can catch fire.
Illinois Website Offers Help For Gambling AddictionsThe new website comes as gambling is expanding across the nation.
Rush Hospital System Data Breach; Personal Information Of 45,000 Patients ExposedApproximately 45,000 patients at Rush hospitals in the Chicago area had personal information exposed -- including Social Security numbers -- in a data breach in January.
Lilly To Sell Cheaper Version Of Top-Selling Insulin HumalogInsulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that helps the body use glucose for energy. When a patient's body doesn't make enough insulin, they have to take it by injection or through a pump.