Residents Snitch On Businesses, Neighbors Amid COVID-19 ShutdownsIn Chicago, a yoga studio that believed it qualified as an essential health and wellness service was closed after the city — tipped off by several residents — disagreed.
Travel Company Goes Out Of Business Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Without Refunding CustomersA slowdown in travel due to COVID-19 sent an online travel booking company based in Florida out of business – without refunding customers.
Illinois Attorney General Investigating More Than 900 Price-Gouging Complaints During Coronavirus PandemicThe Illinois Attorney General's Office is investigating more than 900 price-gouging complaints from people across the state who accused businesses of hiking their prices during the coronavirus pandemic.
Airlines Will Offer Fewer Choices And Higher Fares After The Coronavirus Crisis
Companies Find A New Purpose; Workplace Rules Have ChangedLess than a week after saying it planned to reopen five North American assembly plants, Ford has decided that those facilities will remain closed indefinitely. The announcement to reopen got a cool reception from the United Auto Workers union.
Printing Out A Solution For The COVID-19 Problem"Every day a new person is showing up and it's a completely selfless act."
Hay Fever Or Virus? Allergy Sufferers WorryThey’re taking their temperatures each day, just in case. They’re hiding their sneezes and sniffles from suspicious colleagues and grossed-out grocery shoppers.
Coronavirus in Illinois: Small Clinics Struggle To Stay Open While Keeping Medical Staff Safe"Yes, it's scary but this is what we signed up to do."
Many Complain They Can't Get Through With Illinois Unemployment Line, Website OverwhelmedIn the first three weeks of March alone, there have been over 130,000 unemployment benefit claims in Illinois - with so many people out of work and needing money the state is having trouble keeping up.
COVID-19 Crisis Leaves Thousands Unemployed; 'Very Quickly It Became Real'"I think most people understand that its pretty congested right now. So I'm being patient."
Conquering COVID-19 Fears In Orland Park By Shopping For Seniors; 'People Are Looking For Hope'Michael Arundel is organizing grocery runs with his college age friends to keep vulnerable senior citizens out of stores during the COVID-19 emergency.  It's all volunteer and free of charge.