Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards is a CBS 2 Investigator along with Pam Zekman and Dave Savini.

Edwards work has netted 70+ awards: including 20+ Regional Emmy Awards and 6 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards.

His reporting has led to new policies, prosecutions; it has reunited families, and helped free a wrongfully convicted woman serving a 50 year prison sentence. While a reporter in Detroit, his year-long expose into the county morgue led to the burial of dozens of indigent souls, and the passage of legislation that fast-tracked a massive facility expansion.

A 2001 graduate of Michigan State University, Brad serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College of Chicago and as CBS Chicago’s SAG-AFTRA steward. He resides in Chicago.

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2 Investigators: Chicago’s Garbage Problem; Thousands Waiting For Trash Carts

Something stinks in Chicago. Thousands of residents are waiting for garbage carts, some since late last year.


Teen With Special Needs Receives Life-Changing Wheelchair

A young man with special needs was without a specialized wheelchair, unable to attend school until now. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports the special wheelchair donation on the South side has positively changed the man’s life.


Police Shooting Leaves Dead Man’s Family Asking Questions

His family went to police headquarters Thursday because they think there’s more to the story. 


2 Investigator: ‘What Did You Plan On Doing With All Those Guns?’

The case of a Chicago area teen, accused of illegally possessing guns,  raises questions about young people who could pose a threat.


White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar Returns To The Mound

White Sox Pitcher Danny Farquhar had not thrown a pitch since the fateful night on April 20 when he suffered a brain aneurysm. 


Mother of Dixon High School Shooter Could Face Charges

The mother of 19-year-old Matthew Milby, accused of firing several shots at Dixon High School last Wednesday, could be facing charges.


Cook Co. Officials Alarmed By Number Of Violent Offenders On The Loose From Electronic Monitoring

There is a call for change following the CBS 2 Investigator report Monday that showed how dangerous offenders and gun offenders are cutting and running from electronic monitoring.


The Bracelet Cutters: 25 Violent Or Gun Offenders Are On The Loose From Electronic Monitoring In Cook County

More than 80 people have disappeared while on Cook County’s electronic monitoring program since last September.


Metra Overtime Soars To $119 Million From 2013 To 2017; One Mechanic Earned $366,000

A Metra track inspector and two mechanics have been paid a total of $1.2 million in overtime in the past five years.


One Family Loses Two Kids To Rare Disease

One family lost two kids to a rare disease. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports on the remarkable strides made, in light of that family’s unimaginable sacrifice.


Victims Outraged Over Judge’s Decision

Mario Cupello was charged with ten felonies, accused of scamming his west suburban landscaping clients. But when Cupello, a convicted felon, appeared before Judge Stanley Hill he was released on an I-bond, or a no cash bond.


Man Dead After Driving Off Navy Pier Into Lake Michigan

It was unknown at the beginning if it was an intentional or unintentional act.        


2 Investigators: The Fallout Over The Pop Tax

“We were up against a well funded machine. We were up political boss Toni Preckwinkle.”


2 Investigators: Calling Out Waste

The new guy is Andrew Gasser, with a Darth Vader coffee mug and a Holy Bible at his desk.


Bridge Voicemail Bombshell

The company behind the failed bridge, FIGG Bridge Group, is involved in the new Cline Avenue bridge in East Chicago.


Homeless Man’s Death Gives New Life For His Feral Cats

“These cats meant everything to him. They ate before he ate.”


Terrified Mom Gets Her Kids Bulletproof-Ready Backpacks

A company manufactures bulletproof plates that can slip into backpacks to make them impervious to handgun fire. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


Soccer Field Safety Debated At Niles Meeting

The field at the new LoVerde Sports & Recreation Center contains crumb rubber – pieces of ground up tires. The jury is still out on the safety of the material.


2 Investigators: More Concerns About Crumb Rubber Soccer Field

Now, Niles Mayor Andrew Przybylo is calling on the park district to remove the potentially harmful surface from an indoor soccer field.


2 Investigators: Lower Wacker’s ‘Drifting’ And Street-Racing Problem

Who will curb the speed demons and joy-riders? CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports on efforts to crack down.



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