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  1. Ben says:

    Respect, Love You. its a wrap for real.not only corporate Amerika,pols,sold their souls,alas so have the major religions. study and know for yourself whats up. PLS don’t be a mushroom, or affected by blamers virus.

  2. Tim Bridgeman says:

    Fox News shows BOTH sides of any story, one of the few outlets that shows for instance, the crazy Ex-Speaker babbling incoherently, you remember her, she claimed that after the loss of 63 Liberal Democratic House members that “the voters were angry with George Bush”. Which of course means that if the voters were angry with Obama Pelosi or Reid, then they would have fired 63 Conservative members. Got that?

    1. avaritia says:

      lochheed Martin
      Pfizer Inc
      world bank
      Saudi Aramco
      Goldman Sachs Group Inc
      JP Morgan Chase & Co
      Fox News
      Rex 84
      Patriot Act

  3. FGFM says:

    Tim, you sound like a crackpot.

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