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  1. Greg Kelly says:

    This is a complete SCAM. $50 for the wife, 2 kids and I to go. $13 for parking. Once we got in, the dinosaurs were in the dark, few did anything, and most were mismarked. The rest of the place is a bad carnival, with NO rides or games included. No rides for those under 6. They did have plenty of places to BUY tickets. The facepainting was even $6-8 (depending on artwork). There were plenty of disgruntled parents. As we left, we went to complain, and they gave us the $50, no questions asked. They didnt want a scene or a stampeded of people asking for their money back. Go to the Field Museum instead!

  2. Randall Edsall says:

    Totally agree with Greg Kelly. Scam. They lulled you with exciting ads on the radio, but total cash suck

  3. M. Walsh says:

    I was really looking forward to taking my 3 year old dino-obsessed son this weekend. After reading the awful reviews here and on other sites, my wife and I will be taking him bowling or something else instead. Maxine’s comment is obviously fake.

  4. Bob Johnson says:

    Great show. Lot of cool looking items. My kids loved it. Yes there were thing that were extra but just the exhibit is well worth it and many other free things as well.

  5. cindi says:

    DO NOT GO!!
    It looks good on the website and the commercial but it does not tell you really how much it cost. If you have kids over three years old then plan on spending over $100.
    For two adults and two kids $50 to walk in just to see the Dinosaurs. There are some big dinosaurs that move a little but it took us only 30 minutes to see them.
    Then for ten minutes in the inflatable (waited in line for 40 minutes), mini golf(kids only) and face painting an additional $40.
    A cheese burger and fries $12.
    The attractions that are included with the ticket are really for kids under three.
    Don’t forget to pay for parking.
    My husband said Chuck E. Cheese would have been better and cheaper.
    This was not what we expected. My kids were bored and disappointed.

  6. Randi says:

    We were looking forward to taking our son but now I am thinking we will not be attending. I am upset to read these reviews because my son loves dinosaurs. It is ashamed they make something look and sound so fantastic but when you go it is completely opposite and not worth it. Shame on them! Not fair to waste peoples time and money; doesn’t seem worth the risk!

  7. Jaime says:

    This was a total waste of time and money. My 5 year old daughter loves dinosaurs and I thought she would really love to go to this. Seeing dinosaurs were ok, but not enough for what we paid. Crowded and not enough space. We got there when it opened and it was a good thing that we did so we could take pictures without the large crowd. Tickets for activities were 12 for $20. Kids played golf, but it was a cheaper metal set. And when one of the kids lost their ball because it went rolling under the curtains and we could not get to it, the women got upset that we asked for a new ball. The dinosaur ride was boring and not worth the money. My kids looked bored and so did all the rest of the kids who were before us. We had wanted to eat there, but when we saw the prices for food (way to expensive, can’t believe people were paying those prices), we decided to stop on the way home. Looks like a great time online and on TV but not worth the money, drive, or the time. We expected to stay there most of the day, but left after 3 hours and most of that time was from waiting in line and walking to and from our car. Do if you want to waste money, don’t do if you you’re smart.

  8. Bob Johnson says:

    Disagree. Beside the fact it was busy my family loved it.

  9. Donovan says:

    This is a cool show! They’ve got animatronic dinosaurs, an onsite sculptor sculpting dinosaur heads (fun to watch), a fossil and gem panning area, play areas for kids, and all kinds of cool things to see and do. They have like 60 dinosaurs, some of which are animatronic, and they are set against backdrops with landscaped display areas, ground fog and special effects.

    Things do cost extra, but there’s lots of things to do that don’t cost extra. Just go with a budget and stick to it. You don’t have to do everything. That could get expensive!

    And be patient with the facilities. They try to keep everything moving along efficiently, but with 15k to 20k people attending in a weekend, it gets a little difficult. Try going earlier in the day to avoid lines.

    I guess everyone has their own ideas about what’s entertaining, but I think this show’s really cool.

    1. Bob says:

      Donovan’s comments are identical word for word what was in the Peoria, Illinois complaint section about the show they had. Apparantly part of the show since Im sure he didnt go to both shows. This comment is obviously damage control from the show itself. Here is link for proof.


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