Strike it Rich with Great Clips 

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Beginning June 12th register for your chance to be selected as a participant in the Strike it Rich Save of the Game with Great Clips Promotion. Entrants may be selected for one of four game periods* in which they will win a years’ worth of haircuts**, and have the opportunity to win $10,000 per game. During the game period, if a Cubs pitcher(s) Strikes Out the Side*** in the 9th inning, the participant will win $10,000.

Game Period 1: July 1, 2017 to July 8, 2017 (6 Games)
Game Period 2: July 9, 2017 to July 18, 2017 (6 Games)
Game Period 3: July 19, 2017 to July 25, 2017 (6 Games)
Game Period 4: July 26, 2017 to August 1, 2017 (6 Games)

*Game period refers to a total of 6 games played during set time frame
**Years’ worth of haircuts is equivalent to $100 Great Clips Gift Card
***A Strike out the Side refers to a Cubs pitcher retiring three batters in a row by strike out without any batter reaching base ‘1, 2, 3 inning’ 

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