'85 Bear Wilson: Seahawks 'Don't Remind Me Of Us At All'Otis Wilson says Seahawks "got a little more winning to do."
Bernstein: Rules For Idiot Bears FansFor our sake, and more for that of the innocent listener, please adhere to the following guidelines. With your help, future caller, we can all work together to make talking about the Bears a safer experience for everyone.
Bernstein: We Can't Be Too Mad About NFL BountiesGregg Williams and others may have broken the rules as they tried to get the most out of their defensive players, but they were not making NFL football something inherently worse than it was, is, or will be.
Former Bear Tim Wrightman: White House Visit Isn't About PoliticsA member of the 1985 Chicago Bears team is taking former teammate Dan Hampton to task for declining an invitation the White House with the rest of the team.
Dorfman: Hating The Heat Is Easy To DoThere are certain things that are popular in American culture and I've never understood why, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are two examples that come to mind. But every so often the American public gets it right.
Magazine Calls 1985 Bears' Health 'Sad News'The medical tragedies that have befallen several members the fabled 1985 Bears have prompted a Canadian news magazine to deem the team the “sad news Bears.”
Family, Friends Mourn Ex-Bear DuersonRelatives and friends of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson were paying their respects at his funeral at a South Side church on Saturday.
Wilson: 1985 Remembered Like It Was Today25 years ago today, the Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots 46-10 capping one of the most dominant seasons in NFL history. RELIVE SUPER BOWL XX THROUGH PICTURES.
Bernstein: Kick The Damn Ball, Already!The interminable lead-up to a Super Bowl is one thing. At such a comically outsized event, there is enough collateral silliness to pass the time beyond just football.
Bernstein: Another '85 Bears Anniversary, Already?I can’t do it. Every however-many years or so, the party machine cranks up another nostalgia festival for the 1985 Bears, and their wonderful cast of football characters telling stories of how they ran roughshod over the NFL, and restored honor to a proud city.
Bernstein: Not All Titles Are EqualAfter going up two games to none on the Rangers last night, Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff allowed himself to imagine the fruits of World Series victory.