The Promising Life And Tragic Death Of Dr. Tamara O'Neal"One of the things that we lost was a black physician that was truly an inspiration to many women of color."
Scammers Target PayPal Users With Bogus Emails; 'It Just Blows My Mind That Everything Was Fake'It's a name we've come to know and trust, but PayPal's reputation is taking a hit, as criminals are upping their game in a new twist to a ugly scam that's robbing millions from consumers.
Logan Square Business Owners Livid About Timing Of City's Construction ProjectNoisy construction cranes and bulldozers digging into concrete make for an unpleasant shopping experience in the Logan Square neighborhood, where the City of Chicago started a construction project on Wednesday to replace century-old sewer pipes. 
Ads For Stem Cell Therapies Promise Relief that Patients Say They Didn’t GetThey peddle false hope to people suffering from pain and incurable diseases. They claim their unproven treatments with stem cell injections will bring relief at a cost of thousands of dollars.
CBS 2 Investigators: CPD Superintendent Responds To Wrong RaidsCPD has not released how often they get warrants with bad addresses despite CBS 2 Investigators' repeated requests.
Judge Grants $400 Bail To Man Charged With Raping Disabled Woman; '$400 Is A Reprehensible Bond'Why did a judge let an alleged rapist out on bond for $400 cash? That's the question CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards asked the man accused of that very crime.
CBS 2 Investigators: Multiple Police Raids Gone Wrong; 'This Is Just Irresponsible'CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini found a pattern of Chicago police officers raiding the wrong homes.
Happy Ending For Disabled Woman Who Lost Van In Towing IncidentA handicap-accessible van owned by a woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis was destroyed recently in a towing incident, but tonight CBS 2's Dave Savini reports her happy ending.