South Shore Man Goes On A Mission To Reduce Parking Ticket Fines For NeighborsOne south side man went on a mission after getting two parking tickets near his apartment. He wanted to know: do north siders get as many tickets as he and his neighbors do?
2 Investigators: South Side Neighborhood Gets Lots More Parking Tickets Than North SideA South Side man went on a mission after getting two parking tickets near his apartment. He wanted to know if North Siders get as many tickets as he and his neighbors do.
2 Investigators: Major Home Construction, Rehab Work Being Done Without City PermitsIt’s happening in thousands of Chicago homes: major construction or rehab work is being done without city permits.
Joliet Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse Moves Next To Catholic Charities OfficeFather James Nowak has faced a multitude of accusations of child sex abuse. In fact, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet paid out millions of dollars to eight men who claimed Nowak abused them.
2 Investigators: Fans Scammed Out Of Millions Of Dollars By Fake Celebrity AccountsImagine your favorite celebrity reaching out to you on social media. At first you're thrilled, but this brush with greatness can soon take a sinister turn.  One that is costing people millions of dollars.   CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports.
Police Officer Caught Driving The Wrong Way To Give Out Parking Tickets; 'It's Dangerous, And For What?'CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini repeatedly caught a Chicago police officer driving the wrong way down busy streets, obstructing traffic and making it potentially dangerous for motorists.
2 Investigators: Criminals Are Hacking Electronic Monitoring SystemsElectronic ankle monitoring bracelets keep criminals under close watch, but CBS 2 investigators found many criminals discovered a way to beat the system.
How Have CPD Investigations Changed Since Laquan McDonald Shooting?When Laquan McDonald was shot and killed in October 2014, it took a year for the video to be released. The question now is how have Chicago police investigations changed since then? Are they now more transparent?