Ham: Athlete Free Speech -- It's Not The Standing, StupidThe term “offensive” has become a highly subjective lightning rod, and the only constant seems to be whose ox is being gored.
Bernstein: Adam Silver Is Ahead Of The GameUnlike his counterparts in the other major American sports leagues, Silver is embracing gambling and new television presentation ideas.
NBA Changes Some Rules, With Hopes Of Making Games SpeedierTeams will be limited to two timeouts in the final three minutes of a game, instead of having up to three.
Adam Silver: 'No Doubt' NBA Could See A Female Head Coach"You need pioneers," Silver says of Becky Hammon.
NBA Leaning Toward No Playoff Guarantee For Division WinnersIn this proposal, teams would be seeded one through eight in their respective conference based on records only.
Report: Knicks Owner Jim Dolan Won't Be Punished For Angry Email To FanDolan wondered if a fan was an alcoholic and told him to root for the Nets.
Baffoe: Adam Silver Setting Himself Apart From Other CommissionersReally good guys make bad commissioners. You need to find the right edge, which Silver has.
NBA Extends Television Rights With ESPN, TNT In Monster New DealA new nine-year deal will increase league TV revenues to $2.6 billion annually.
Lyons: Commissioner-Elect Manfred Has Long To-Do ListMost notably, baseball needs to connect with the younger generation.
Report: 76ers Upset At Potential Lottery OverhaulLosing on purpose may not pay off as much moving forward.
Baffoe: The Power And Responsibility Of Roger GoodellGoodell is only responsible to the dollar, not the human being.