Urlacher's Big Day Not Enough, But Proves His ImportanceThe book is finally closed on the 2010 Chicago Bears season. And while it's a disappointing end, it's a season that few saw coming.
Is Tillman The Best Ever?In a game of this magnitude, any edge, any advantage, can be the difference between a trip to the Super Bowl and one of the most devastating losses in franchise history. And Charles Tillman brings that edge for the Chicago Bears.
Business As Usual For DefenseThe Chicago Bears have a tradition of defensive excellence. It started with the "Monsters of the Midway" and continues today with players like Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers.
Aikman: Matchup Showcases Defensive PlaymakersThe Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers' defenses rank among the best in the league in most major defensive categories. But could you argue that the Bears have the better defense?
No Flash, Only Results From Bears' DefenseEarly this season, there were some people unhappy with Julius Peppers' production because he wasn't racking up sacks like they expected.
Olsen's TD Set Tone For GameAn underdog with nothing to lose, like the Seattle Seahawks were on Sunday, can be a very dangerous thing in the NFL Playoffs.
Miller: No Conern Over 'Junk Yardage' Given UpThere are some fans who can never feel comfortable about their team. In Chicago, there's good reason for this as the city has a history of it's team's faltering.
Bears Dominated First HalfAfter the first half of the Chicago Bears-Seattle Seahawks game ended, the Bears were looking at a 21-0. It was a first half dominated by the Bears on offense and defense.
Defense Carried Bears To PlayoffsThe offense was given a great deal of credit for the turnaround after the bye week. While the improved offense helped the Bears get to the playoffs, it's the defense that led the way.
Bears Have Second Chance to Shut Down WilliamsIn the first meeting between the Bears and Seahawks, Mike Williams caught 10 passes for 123 yards. A performance that helped the Seahawks beat the Bears. On Sunday, the Bears will have a second chance to shut him down.
Bears' Defense: Been There, Done ThatThe Bears' offense is relatively young and inexperienced, when it comes to the playoffs. On the other hand, the Bears' defense is still full of players from the 2006 team.