Ten Foot Mailbag: Idiots Come Out For Blackhawks CelebrationThey break windows and throw bottles in the street and really stick it to The Man when they think The Man (who likely hasn’t oppressed them, as these twenty-somethings are mostly suburban-raised fortunates thinking they’re cool by slumming it in the city for street cred) isn’t looking.
Wisch: MLB Would Be Wise To Help The College Game GrowIn light of those issues, what might be the wisest thing for MLB to do is to work with the NCAA to help college baseball secure a legitimate television contract to broadcast the sport on a national level.
Ofman: It's Time For Replay In BaseballIf baseball truly wants to take the next step forward, bleed technology for all it can give. Just make sure you get it right.
Crap Of The Week: Bud SeligThis week's Crap of the Week goes out to Bud Selig.
Ofman: Baseball Needs To Make Up Its Mind On The DHI love baseball. My affair with the game goes back over 50 years when I was child emulating longtime broadcaster Jack Brickhouse on the gravel field of Hibbard Elementary School in Albany Park.
Silverman: Astros Moving To The American League Another Error For BaseballTake a look at the American League standings. There’s something very wrong going on.
White Sox To Host 2013 Civil Rights GameOn Tuesday at U.S. Cellular Field, Major League Baseball announced that the White Sox will host the 2013 Civil Rights Games.
Baffoe: The World Baseball Classic Is LameCue the inspirational horns and strings. Get Bob Costas cozied up near a fireplace in a flame-retardant turtleneck.
Wisch: MLB Needs To Institute ‘Zero Tolerance’ PED TestingI love Major League Baseball. But Major League Baseball is wearing me out.
Silverman: Follow the Pope - Sports Resignations That Should HappenYou don’t have to be the head of the Catholic Church to resign. Here’s a list of 10 resignations that should happen.
Baffoe: All The Commissioners Just SuckSo, yeah, our fearless leaders all suck. And while what Tagliabue did gives us a sliver of hope that they can’t be megalomaniacs in their fields all the time, ultimately fans have to sit back and shake their heads.
Report: Twins To Host 2014 All-Star Game It looks as if the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is heading north.
Selig Plans To Expand Instant Replay More instant replay may be coming to baseball sooner rather than later.
Hawk On Changing His Style: 'If I Do That, I'll Quit'The broadcaster admitted he had been reprimanded for the outburst at umpire Mark Wegner, but he also said neither Selig or Reinsdorf asked him to publicly apologize.
Hawk Lectured By Selig, Reinsdorf Following Rant Against UmpireNot surprisingly, Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson's rant against umpire Mark Wegner made its way to the commissioner's office.