Disorganized Cops Handcuffed Innocent Black Teens at Gunpoint Multiple Times In Bizarre 2019 Incident, New Body Camera Video ShowsIt was Christmas Eve, 2019, when Jaylin Stiger and his brother would experience the most traumatic moments of their lives.
New Data Sheds Light On Chicago Police Officers Pointing Guns At People
Police Supt. David Brown Recommends That Sergeant Involved In Anjanette Young Raid, Alex Wolinski, Be Fired From CPDPolice Supt. David Brown recommended Tuesday that a sergeant be fired in connection with his conduct in the 2019 wrong police raid in which Anjanette Young was handcuffed naked.
Two Years Ago This Week: CBS 2 First Reports On The Wrong Police Raid In Which Anjanette Young Was Handcuffed NakedCBS 2 first told the story of the wrong police raid in which Anjanette Young was handcuffed naked in her apartment two years ago this week.
$1.7 Billion Headed To Illinois To Replace Lead Water Service Lines, But How Will It Be Distributed -- And Is It Really Enough?A total of $1.7 billion is headed to Illinois to replace the network of lead pipes that have left many residents — Chicagoans in particular — drinking dangerous, lead-laced water.
CBS 2 Investigators: Drivers Caught In A Parking Scam, Get Tickets From The City, TooUnsuspecting drivers trying to find parking outside city sports venues get caught up in a costly scam. First they pay to park, then they get stuck paying parking tickets. Deena Mora got caught in this parking trap outside Guaranteed Rate Field this summer while she and her husband attended the White Sox - Chicago Cubs Crosstown Classic.
Constituent James Suh Sues Ald. James Gardiner, Says Alderman Abused Power And Used Staff To Target HimEmbattled Northwest Side Ald. James Gardiner (45th) was facing another legal hurdle Tuesday, as he was being sued by a constituent who claims the alderman abused his power and his office to target him.
CBS 2 Investigation Leads To Thousands Of Tossed Tickets: "Evidence Was Clear"The CBS 2 Investigators have been emailing and calling, being bounced around from one city department to another for months, trying to track down how many speed camera ticket refunds the city issued as a result of misprint on a warning sign.
Thieves Steal Your Identity To Get Rental Cars, And You Get Stuck With The BillsCriminals nationwide are stealing victims' identities and using those to rent cars.  These rentals are then stolen, sold and shipped overseas, or used here to commit other crimes locally.  In either case, the identity theft victim is left to clean up the mess.
Ald. James Gardiner Removed From Democratic Party Committee Posts Over ‘Boorish, Obnoxious, Repugnant, Rude, And Vulgar Conduct’"Because this continuing course of conduct has no home in our Party, we will not stand silent in the face of such bigotry," the Cook County Democratic Party said of Ald. James Gardiner's behavior.
Watchdog Report Finds CFD Still Has Problems Measuring Response Times To Emergency Calls“Without transparent reporting, CFD cannot be fully accountable to the public for its response time performance,” an inspector general's report stated.