Homeowner Can't Get Flooding Issue In His Alley Fixed; 'You Can Go Fishing Out Here In The Puddle Of Water'Why does a large puddle linger behind David Johnson’s garage in an otherwise dry alley? He’s been asking his alderman the same question for years.
Spurred By CBS 2 Investigation, Lawmakers Move Forward In Pushing For Ethylene Oxide Restrictions"My biggest fear is that I won't be around to see my children one day."
CTA Veteran Says He Was Forced To Retire After Blowing The Whistle On Pension Spiking; 'I Feared Further Retaliation'Gino Gerbasi spent 30 years at the CTA as an emergency services worker. He said he retired not because he wanted to, but because of retaliation after he blew the whistle on management.
UPS Delivers Prized Sports Card Collection To Wrong Address; Refuses To Pay Up Until CBS 2 Investigators Get InvolvedUPS offered to pay only $100 for a sports card collection, until CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker stepped in.
Officers Damage Woman's Car While Making Arrest, But City Doesn't Have To Pay For RepairsCity officials said it’s rare they will pay a claim when a police officer causes damage.
Disabled Woman To Sue City For Wrongly Towing Van As AbandonedTowing without telling; the city of Chicago is accused of hauling away thousands of cars without properly warning the owners. Now victims are taking the city to court.
Honda Owner Dubbed 'NOTWELCOME' After Trying To Get Known Defect On CR-V RepairedA Joliet man trying to get a known defect on new SUV fixed received a rude message from his Honda dealer. Honda of Joliet wrote “NOTWELCOME” as Mark Baranski’s middle name on the service invoice.
Fighting A Chicago Parking Ticket Might Be Easier Than You Think; Here Are Some Tips To WinMany drivers in Chicago choose not to fight their parking tickets, but for those who do, most of them win.
'He Cleaned Me Out': Contractor Walks Off $26,000 Job; Takes Homeowner's Supplies With HimFannie Fowler hired Keith Fields, owner of BWF Construction, to remodel her home in the Burnside neighborhood.
Watchdog Expects Electric Rate Ripoffs Ahead Of New Consumer Protection LawsGet ready for a summer of ripoffs. In the last four years, Illinois residents have overpaid more than $600 million for electricity, and it’s about to get worse.
State Agencies Leading Crackdown On Questionable Stem Cell ClinicsPatients in pain have been paying thousands of dollars for treatments that don't work.