CBS 2 Investigation Leads To Thousands Of Tossed Tickets: "Evidence Was Clear"The CBS 2 Investigators have been emailing and calling, being bounced around from one city department to another for months, trying to track down how many speed camera ticket refunds the city issued as a result of misprint on a warning sign.
Thieves Steal Your Identity To Get Rental Cars, And You Get Stuck With The BillsCriminals nationwide are stealing victims' identities and using those to rent cars.  These rentals are then stolen, sold and shipped overseas, or used here to commit other crimes locally.  In either case, the identity theft victim is left to clean up the mess.
Ald. James Gardiner Removed From Democratic Party Committee Posts Over ‘Boorish, Obnoxious, Repugnant, Rude, And Vulgar Conduct’"Because this continuing course of conduct has no home in our Party, we will not stand silent in the face of such bigotry," the Cook County Democratic Party said of Ald. James Gardiner's behavior.
Watchdog Report Finds CFD Still Has Problems Measuring Response Times To Emergency Calls“Without transparent reporting, CFD cannot be fully accountable to the public for its response time performance,” an inspector general's report stated.
As Many Chicago Schools Remove Cops From Hallways, Data Shows Some Schools Send Kids To Police At Alarming Rates
Update: CBS 2 Investigators Help Chicagoan Get Missing CPS TranscriptsHe is now enrolled in college in Florida for next spring.
Legally Parked, Ticketed Anyway: Chicagoans Hit With Bogus Street Cleaning FinesMarcus Jones sits on the front stoop of his Auburn Gresham home.  On a city pole across from him, there is a bright yellow sign with a large letter "F".  It's a warning to drivers - Friday is street cleaning day so don't park there or you will get a ticket. Marcus Jones would give the letter F to the City of Chicago for how it is posting these signs and issuing street cleaning tickets in his neighborhood.
Speed Camera Ticketing Change: Is It About Safety Or Money?New numbers show how many tickets speed cameras are now churning out. Meanwhile, CBS 2 Investigator Dorothy Tucker discovered the deadly crash numbers used for justifying the new rule are not what they appear.
Illinois Supreme Court To Hear Case Seeking To Get Decades Of Chicago Police Misconduct Records ReleasedA significant step has been made in a man’s fight to get decades of Chicago Police misconduct records released.
'High Levels Of Iron' Caused Brown Cloud In Lake Michigan, Shutting Down Beaches At Indiana Dunes National Park"If you're operating along the shores of Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, you need to clean up your act and do it better."
After 22 Years Of 'Psychological Torture' In Solitary Confinement, Anthony Gay Fights For State Law Restricting Its UseAn Illinois man is fighting against so-called psychological torture – after a minor probation violation first sent him to prison for seven years, and then a fight behind bars led to a 22-year nightmare in solitary confinement. Now out, Anthony Gay told CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov why he is fighting for a law to keep others from enduring the same fate.
Parent 'Freaked Out' By Social Media Posts To Chicago Schools"This does not warrant life in jail, no, but it cannot be a misdemeanor."
Illinois Attorney General's Office Holds Virtual Town Hall As It Begins Investigation Into Death Of Eric Lurry In Joliet Police CustodyCBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini was the first to expose the controversial death of Eric Lurry in the custody of Joliet police. Now, the Illinois Attorney General’s office is making good on a promise to investigate.
IDES Kept Offices Closed While Many Struggled To Get Their Unemployment Benefits: What Really HappenedIDES’ offices have been closed to the public since the pandemic began. The closures came as thousands struggled to navigate a system that was understaffed, ill-equipped to deal with the scope of the problem and fraught with technical issues that prevented some from getting their benefits in a timely manner, or at all.
Judge Won't Back Down In Effort To Get Kids In Care Of DCFS Out Of Limbo In Psych Wards, Temporary SheltersHundreds of children who can’t go home to their families have instead been left in psych wards for months.