Chicago Promises $10 Million In Help For Looted Businesses; Community Members Concerned About AllocationThe City said grants will be made available on an emergency basis by the Department of Planning and Development. Many business owners and community members are eager to find out if they will qualify.
Naperville Business Owners Clean Up After Violence And LootingNaperville is cleaning up and boarding up after protests Monday night turned violent, including an explosive device being thrown at police. 
CFD Responds To Dozens Of Blazes, More Than The 1968 Chicago RiotsUnder the circumstances, the cause of most of the fires will never be determined.
Challenges Of Rebuilding On Chicago's South Side 'Livelihoods Completely Devastated'"So now the community that you live in has to rebuild."
As Taverns Teeter On The Brink Due To COVID-19, City Requires Many To Fork Over Money For New Liquor LicenseWhile the city prepares to open next week, some businesses, that are not on the list are crying foul. CBS2 investigator Dorothy Tucker talks to owners, who face thousands of dollars in city fees, even though their doors remain closed.
Richmond, Illinois Roadblocks In The Way For Phase 3 Reopening"Could the timing be any worse?"
With Systems Overwhelmed, Thieves Using Past Security Breaches To Rip Off Unemployment BenefitsA recording that asks for patience on the Illinois Department of Employment Security phone line is not well received by Reginald Fitzgerald.
Despite Hiring More Workers, Illinois' Balky Unemployment System Continues To Vex Those In Need Of MoneyIllinois hired 140 people to handle the flood of applications for unemployment benefits, but applicants are still being blocked from getting money they desperately need because the system that can’t seem to handle simple mistakes.
After CBS 2 Report, Cook County Will Look Into Issuing Death Certificates, Deemed Non Essential During COVID-19The Clerk's Office has a total staff of 265 people and no one has been furloughed. A representative said the certificates have to be printed on customized security paper, which limits their ability to provide these records from home.
After CBS 2 Exposed More Towing Scams, City Council Moves To Add Consumer ProtectionsNew reforms are in the works to protect Chicago car accident victims from predatory towing companies.  
CBS 2 Investigators: Area 1 Towing Returns Car, Refunds Fees Including COVID-19 Cleaning Charge“They’re trying to make money off vulnerable people and the pandemic to just line their pockets."
Wife Of El Milagro Worker Who Died Of COVID Speaks: 'They're Not Protecting Us'"I want them to do something. Because I don't want another family go through what I'm going through."
Some Waiting For COVID-19 Benefits Pay A 'Penalty' That's Delaying Payments"I'm a server, not a millionaire. So my funds are low to begin with."
Two Couples Report Being Denied Refunds After Spending Tens Of Thousands For Weddings That Were Canceled Due To CoronavirusCancellations are taking a toll on the wedding industry, but what about couples who prepaid - only to be told they won’t be getting a single penny back?
Waiting For Answers As To Why Unemployment Benefits Aren't Getting To Every Applicant"I have a life. I have bills to pay. I'm stuck. I’m really stuck."