CDC Rules Regarding COVID-19 Postpone Some Evictions"We're all in a pandemic right together. So I'm looking to help my fellow man, but I'm also looking to keep my head above water while this is happening because I have a family to feed as well."
Dog Dies At O'Hare Airport Warehouse, 17 Others Saved After Being Left Without Food Or Water For 3 DaysPolice said it appears the dogs arrived on a flight on Aug. 28, and were left in the warehouse after the CDC would not release them to the people who had bought them, due to an issue with their vaccination documents.
17 Dogs Caged In Warehouse Without Food Or Water, One Dead After Flight To ChicagoA dog is dead following a flight to Chicago, and police say it and 17 others were found caged without food or water. The dogs were coming from Jordan when paperwork delayed their release.
Cook County Medical Examiner: 9 Month Old Joseph Myles Died Of COVID-19According to the Medical Examiner's Office, nine-month-old Joseph Myles was found unresponsive on March 23 by a family member. The little boy later died at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.
Chicago To Spend $56 Million Hiring Hundreds Of COVID-19 Contact TracersDr. Arwady and the mayor said contact tracers will make $20 an hour, supervisors $24 an hour. No prior experience is required. And all who take part will be trained not only in the skills needed to contact trace, but the attitude as well. 
CDC Issues Health Advisory For Mysterious Illness Linked To COVID-19 Seen In ChildrenExperts believe it may be linked to the coronavirus multi-system inflammatory syndrome and children account for at least three deaths reported in several states including, Illinois.
Cruise Ship Out At Sea For Almost 2 Months Because Of CDC Coronavirus Concerns"We are being denied entry because all this paperwork that needs to be filed and approved between the CDC and the cruise line."
Should You Be Wearing A Mask During The COVID-19 Outbreak?"If you are an individual who is asymptomatic you don't suspect you are ill with any respiratory illness or coronavirus, you don't need to wear a mask."
Hospital Starts '100 Million Mask Challenge' To Fight COVID-19 SpreadThe CDC said homemade masks can be used as a last resort and their effectiveness is unknown.
Coronavirus Scams Are Spreading; Some Include Garlic 'Cures'"People should be aware that any email or website offering a ‘cure’ is a scam that should be avoided."
Protecting Vulnerable Populations Against The CoronavirusExperts said those with elderly family members should consider asking them to change their routine.
You Paid For It: The Economic Impact Of Coronavirus"Just at the Chicago Department of Public Health, we were spending $150,000 a week on our costs. Which is a lot."
Officials: Up To A Million People Could Be Tested For Coronavirus In US By End Of WeekThe number of cases has been on the rise as new guidelines from health officials gave more labs the go-ahead to conduct tests. Faulty kits from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initially led to delayed and inconclusive results.
'No Reason To Panic' After First Coronavirus Death In United States: President TrumpPresident Donald Trump said there is "no reason to panic" after the first American has died from the coronavirus.
Jimmy John's Linked To E. Coli Outbreak In 5 States Including IllinoisThe Illinois Department of Public Health has reported a mulitstate E. coli outbreak linked to Jimmy John's.