Getting Hosed: Home With No Pipes Gets Hit With Nearly $9,000 Water BillThe CBS 2 investigators stay on the water beat. In the latest case, Chicago’s water department cut one man’s $9.000 water bill in half. Great. Right? Well, not really.
Getting Hosed: Chicago Property Owners Paying For Water They Never UsedThe City of Chicago is going after residents for millions of dollars, attempting to collect bills for water they never used.
Chicago Business Owner Says His Water Bill Is 5 Times Higher Due To City's Pipe LeakA Chicago business owner wants to know why his water bill rose to $34,427.
Suit Follows Shake-Up At Chicago Water DepartmentSeven employees of Chicago's Water Department say they were denied promotions, subjected to racial claims and sexually harassed because of their race.
2 Investigators: Security Breach At Chicago's Water DepartmentCBS 2 is exposing a security breach at Chicago's water department.
Neighbors Say Southeast Side Street Is SinkingBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez takes a closer look at portion of sinking street on Brainard at 136th.
Record Number Of Chicagoans Without Water Due To Frozen PipesCity crews are scrambling and a record number of people are without water because of frozen pipes.
Melting Snow Could Cause Water ProblemsA potential problem with the meltdown is flooding, and the city is taking action.
Woman Finally Freed From Icy Trap Surrounding Her HomeRiver Bully has been freed from her home after being trapped inside for weeks, surrounded by a massive amount of ice.
Albany Park Residents Worried By Removal Of SandbagsResidents of an Albany Park street that was inundated with flooding in April are now concerned that the city of Chicago seems to be taking the sandbags away from the North Branch of the Chicago River.