The Coldest Days Ever In Chicago: This Week Ranks Among Top 10 Most FrigidThe weather in Chicago made history this week--with temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday setting daily records and ranking among the coldest in Chicago history.
WEATHER FORECAST: Thursday To Be Even Colder Than Wednesday Followed By SnowWednesday morning brought temperatures of 23 degrees below zero, and Thursday could be even colder.
Man Rescued From Lake Michigan Break Wall During Historic ColdA man was spotted being rescued by the Chicago Fire Department while out on a break wall in Lake Michigan after walking across the ice during Wednesday's historic cold. 
Chicago Weather: Factoring Wind Chill, It Will Be 100+ Degrees Warmer In Miami On WednesdayAh, Florida. As the polar vortex sends Chicago into a historic deep freeze, CBS Chicago started to wonder: How much warmer will it be in Miami on Wednesday?
Chicago Weather: City Opens Warming Centers, Plans Activities For ChildrenThe City of Chicago has set its plans to keep residents safe as the area copes with cold weather not seen here in a generation. 
Chicago Weather: It's So Cold That You Shouldn't Talk Too Much--Or Breathe It will be so cold outside that you shouldn't talk.
Expert Says Common Heating Practices In Cold Weather Can Cause Your Furnace To MalfunctionAs the temperatures continue to plummet, you may think you're taking the right steps to keep your home warm, but experts say common heating practices may do more harm than good.
Retirement Community Prepares For Worst Case During Extreme ColdA local retirement community is preparing for the worst case scenario in case power goes out.