Chicago Heights Ford Plant Reopens Monday As Workers Wear COVID-19 'Distance' Watches"Everybody is also wearing watches that buzz if your get within six feet of somebody else."
Some Unimpressed With System On First Day Illinois Gig Workers Get To File For Unemployment BenefitsOn Monday, members of the so-called gig economy were finally able to file for unemployment benefits.
Cruise Ship Out At Sea For Almost 2 Months Because Of CDC Coronavirus Concerns"We are being denied entry because all this paperwork that needs to be filed and approved between the CDC and the cruise line."
United Airlines Walks Back Plan To Make Full-Time Employees Go Part-TimeUnited Airlines has backed down on a plan to force its employees to go from full-time to part-time.
Illinois' Face Covering Requirement Begins In Public Places, But Enforcement Will Vary Depending Where You LiveIllinois businesses open during the coronavirus pandemic must now require employees and customers to wear face coverings if they can’t maintain proper social distancing.
Government To Audit PPP Loans Above $2 Million, Which Could Include Cicero Energy Company That Got $9.5 MillionLarge public companies who received a government loan for COVID-19 relief continue to receive backlash for getting money meant for small businesses.
Which Businesses Are Getting A COVID-19 Relief Loan?"I don't think its fair that the big guys get everything and the little guys get nothing,"
Precious Cargo: Secret Flight From China Brings Badly Needed COVID-19 Supplies To Illinois"It is true that the federal government seems to be interrupting supplies that are being sent elsewhere in the nation. And so I wanted to make sure we receive what we ordered."
National Guard Heads To Park Forest, Kankakee To Help With COVID-19 OutbreakStarting as early as Saturday, ten members of the National Guard will be at Ludeman at all times, operating their five check points where temperatures are taken and questionnaires are filled out.
Workers, Illinois Lawmakers Take Issue With Continued Problems With Unemployment Computer SystemSince day one, we have been pushing for answers about the State of Illinois’ overwhelmed computer system.
COVID-19 And The Gig Economy; 'These Folks Need Money'"Almost no state has this available to them because you have to build a system. It's not something you add on to existing systems."
Small Businesses With More Than 50 Employees Shut Out Of State, City COVID-19 Crisis Loans
What To Do When The Rent Is Due During The COVID-19 Crisis"As soon as possible let each other know whats going on, what you're thinking about."
Some Not Pleased That Construction Is Among 'Essential' Businesses During COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order In IllinoisIllinois on Monday evening was just over the 48-hour mark of sheltering in place for the “stay-at-home” order due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Boy Dies At Age 8, After Mom Charinez Jefferson Was Shot Dead While Pregnant With Him In 2011It was a case that rocked Chicago back in 2011 – a pregnant teen was shot in the head, back, and chest and murdered, but her baby survived.