Some Members Of Italian-American Community Want Columbus Statues Put Back On DisplaySome members of Chicago’s Italian-American community say it’s time to return the Christopher Columbus statues that were removed.
Christopher Columbus Statue Removed From South ChicagoThere are no more Christopher Columbus statues on display in Chicago.
Protesters Call Removal Of Columbus Statues In Chicago A Slap In The Face To Italian-AmericansA protest rally was held Sunday following Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to remove two statues of Christopher Columbus.
Columbus Controversy: What's Next For The Statue And Other Monuments In Chicago?"What we're seeing now is people drawing attention to the complexity of that history questioning whether Columbus is necessary, what he represented, is something we want to continue to honor."
Christopher Columbus Statues Taken Down After Mayor Lightfoot Orders Them 'Temporarily Removed' From Grant Park, Arrigo ParkChicago's other Columbus statue in Little Italy was also early Friday morning. 
Chicago Police Say Peaceful Grant Park Protest Was 'Hijacked By Organized Mobs'; Mayor Lori Lightfoot Denounces 'People Who Came For A Fight, Not A Peaceful Protest'The mayor and police said organized mobs of vigilantes hijacked an otherwise peaceful protest, and pelted officers with frozen water bottles, rocks, and fireworks.
Columbus Statues In Grant Park, Arrigo Park Covered In Plastic Wrap To 'Discourage Vandalism'The statues of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park and Arrigo Park have been seen covered with plastic wrap Monday.
Lightfoot Doesn't Want To Tear Down Columbus Statues, Cites 'Too Many Divisive Moments'"We can use this moment as an opportunity to not try to erase history, but embrace it full on," the mayor said.
Chicago Statues Of Christopher Columbus, George Washington Hit With Spray PaintVandals took aim at statues in Chicago parks this weekend – at least three were defaced in the last couple of days.
Christopher Columbus Statue In Little Italy Defaced Again On Columbus DayRed paint was splattered on the statue in Arrigo Park, and the words “mass murderer” and “decolonise” [sic] were sprayed on the sidewalk.
Man Charged With Defacing Christopher Columbus Statue In Arrigo ParkSomeone spotted three males defacing the statue at 12:05 a.m. Saturday in the 800 block of South Loomis, according to Chicago Police.