Mayor Dodges Question About City Work Rules For Changing Light BulbsA recent CBS 2 investigation found it was taking three city workers to change a light bulb – with one of those workers sitting down in a chair the whole time. So, 2 Investigator Pam Zekman asked Mayor Rahm Emanuel how many city workers does he think it should take to change a light bulb?
Emanuel Wants Maternity Leave For City WorkersMayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledges his administration is looking at offering paid maternity leave for city workers, for the first time in Chicago history.
How Many City Workers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?How many city workers does it take to change a light bulb? Sounds like a joke right? But it's not funny when it’s our tax dollars being wasted.
Mayor Presents Proposed Work Rule ChangesMayor Rahm Emanuel is turning up the heat on organized labor by disclosing some of the work-rule changes he is asking union leaders to accept in order to save the jobs of 625 city employees.
Mayor Holds Facebook Town Hall, Talks Burke Bodyguards, RecyclingAt Mayor Rahm Emanuel's first Facebook town hall meeting on Thursday, everything from his ultimatum to organized labor to Ald. Ed Burke's bodyguards came up in questions from the social-network-public.
Emanuel Doing Away With Furlough Days For City WorkersOne of the first major challenges facing Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a Thursday night deadline, when furloughs negotiated between former Mayor Richard M. Daley and labor leaders expire.
Emanuel Likely To Keep Worker Residency RuleMayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is now all but ruling out relaxing Chicago’s residency requirements for police officer, firefighters and other city employees.
Braun Wants Investigation Of Emanuel's MailingsCarol Moseley Braun says she has asked the U.S. Attorney’s to investigate what she calls "allegations of campaign intimidation."