Former City Of Chicago Comptroller Pleads Guilty In Kickback CaseAmer Ahmad, 38, of Chicago, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery for using his former Ohio government position to secure “lucrative state business” for a friend.
Dixon Only Gets Fraction Of Money Stolen By ComptrollerThe City of Dixon has only gotten back about one-fifth of the tens of millions of dollars. stolen by its former comptroller, authorities say.
Crundwell Gets Nearly 20 Years For Embezzling $53M From DixonThe former comptroller in Dixon, Ill., was sentenced Thursday to 19 1/2 years in prison for embezzling $53 million from the town.
Ex-Dixon Comptroller's Ranch Sold To NephewThe expansive ranch owned by former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell was sold Friday to her nephew and his wife for more than a million dollars.
Government Sells Ex-Dixon Comptroller’s Properties For $3MThe U.S. Marshals Service sold three of convicted Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell’s five properties for more than $3 million on Monday.
U.S. Auctions More Cars, Boat Owned By Ex-Dixon ComptrollerItems from former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell’s lavish lifestyle continue to be parceled off one piece at a time.
Crundwell Admits Embezzling $53M From Dixon Since 1990Former Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $53 million from the city since 1990, and using the money to fund a lavish lifestyle, including a world champion horse breeding business.
Former Dixon Comptroller Requests Public DefenderFormer Dixon comptroller Rita Crundwell wants a public defender to represent her on charges she embezzled millions in public funds.
Auction Of Ex-Dixon Comptroller's Horses Continues MondayMonday is Day 2 of an auction to sell horses that belongs to a former town official who is now in trouble with the law.
Former Dixon Comptroller's Horses Now Up For AuctionScores of horses purchased by a government official who's accused of absconding with millions of dollars can now be yours, if you have the cash.
Horses Of Former Dixon Comptroller Prepared For AuctionAuthorities offered reporters a look inside the ranch Rita Crundwell built from scratch before she was accused of embezzling millions from the city of Dixon.