Defense Attorneys Want To Air Reputed Kickback Claims About Ex-Sen. BurrisAn Illinois Democrat appointed by disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich to a U.S. Senate in 2008 has become an issue in the lead-up to a federal trial in Chicago, with defense attorneys claiming Roland Burris was once accused of seeking to extort a business.
Lake Station Mayor, Wife IndictedLake Station, Ind. Mayor Keith Soderquist and his wife, Deborah, were indicted Wednesday on public corruption charges, the Post-Tribune is reporting.
Ald. Brookins Aide Accused Of Taking BribeCurtis V. Thompson Jr., chief of staff for Ald. Howard Brookins, has been charged with taking a $7,500 bribe to help fix an alcohol license application.
Sochi Chief: City Is World's 'Most Secure Venue'Russia is deploying more then 50,000 police and soliders to protect the Games.
Cook County Sheriff's Office Will Investigate Corruption In DoltonNewly elected Village President Riley Rogers said Dolton is essentially broke. It made payroll and insurance payments this week only because it raided a tax-increment financing (TIF) fund.
Blagojevich Approaches First Year Behind BarsAt last report from his attorneys, Blagojevich was about to begin working in the prison library last November, after starting out washing dishes like any other new inmate.
Jesse Jackson Jr., Sandi Jackson Arrive At D.C. Court For Expected Guilty PleasIt'll be his and hers federal court hearings Wednesday as the Jacksons face justice in Washington D.C.
Timeline Of George Ryan CaseFormer Gov. George Ryan was transferred from federal prison on Wednesday and will serve the remainder of his sentence at a Chicago halfway house. Here is a timeline of key events in his corruption case: