CPS Classes Resume Friday, And Students Couldn't Be HappierParents said it was the unpredictability that made everything so much tougher, waiting every night to find out if school was back on the next day.
CPS Classes Canceled For Eighth Day On Monday, Which Will Make 2019 Teachers' Strike Longest Since 1987Classes are canceled for again for Chicago Public Schools students on Monday, CPS announced.
Effects Of Teachers' Strike Are Felt As Cross Country Runners Stand Together Despite IneligibilityThe Chicago Teachers Union and the school board met all day and into the night Saturday behind closed doors at Malcolm X College.
Despite The Teachers' Strike, Simeon Football Players Hope For a Miracle To Stay In The GameOn Thursday the IHSA threw them a lifeline. The state regulatory agency will hear two appeals from Simeon football. One is to waive the eight-game rule and put them in a playoff bracket when seeding occurs Saturday.
Chicago Teachers' Strike: Classes Canceled Again Tuesday, Mayor Lightfoot Says 'Beyond What We Put On The Table, There Is No More Money'Students are out of school for the third school day in a row and picketing starts at all Chicago Public Schools at 6:30 a.m. Monday.
Biden Calls Attention To Chicago Teachers' Strike At New York Teacher Union Day AddressFormer Vice President and current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called attention to the Chicago teachers’ strike at an event for Teacher Union Day in New York on Sunday.
Still No Deal For CTU And City, Strike Rolls Toward Fourth DayThe Chicago Teachers Union said they've made progress, with tentative agreements on eight different items.
CTU On Bargaining Session: 'We Are Close But We Are Not There Yet'A representative from the Chicago Teachers Union stated there was some movement today, but it wasn't enough.
CPS Teachers March And Rally For Smaller Class SizesThe union is calling for a primary school class size reduction, from 28 to 24 students. In high school it would slide from 31 to 28 students max. And unlike passed contracts, this would be enforceable.
Chicago Public Schools Teachers On Strike; Mayor Says, 'I Hope This Work Stoppage Will End Soon'A teachers’ strike is going ahead in Chicago on Thursday, after Chicago Teachers Union delegates voted unanimously to go ahead with a walkout.
Crunching The Numbers On The Cost Of A Possible CTU StrikeSticking points apparently include class sizes. The CTU said 1,300 classrooms throughout the district are overcrowded. It wants to drop the official class limit from 28 to 24 students in primary schools and from 31 to 28 students in high school.