Bernstein: Gay-Affirming NHL Way Ahead Of The GameWhen it comes to acceptance of gay players, the NHL is already way ahead of the NBA.
Stern: HGH Testing Could Come As Early As Next Season The NBA for the most part has managed to avoid the major performance-enhancing drug scandals that have plagued the NFL and Major League Baseball over the last decade. Commissioner David Stern is hoping to keep it that way.
Baffoe: Stern’s Subjectivity Shows With Noah Dress Code IncidentWhatever the answer to any of those questions may be, one thing is apparent—the league’s dress code is complete bull.
NBA Union Head Billy Hunter Placed On Indefinite Leave Billy Hunter is being placed on an indefinite leave as executive director of the NBA players association, following a report that was critical of his leadership and urged players to consider his future with the organization.
Baffoe: All The Commissioners Just SuckSo, yeah, our fearless leaders all suck. And while what Tagliabue did gives us a sliver of hope that they can’t be megalomaniacs in their fields all the time, ultimately fans have to sit back and shake their heads.
NBA Commissioner David Stern To Retire In 2014NBA commissioner David Stern will retire on Feb. 1, 2014, the league said Thursday.
David Stern Regrets Spat With Jim Rome Two weeks ago, an interview between CBS Sports' Jim Rome and NBA commissioner David Stern turned ugly after Rome asked Stern if the NBA Draft lottery was fixed.
Wisch: It’s Time To End The NBA Draft LotterySince 1985, it’s the league’s preferred way of dispensing its top picks, but these days the system – designed to launch basketball careers – instead spawns more conspiracy theories than Area 51.
Jim Rome's Interview With David Stern Turns Ugly NBA Commission David Stern joined ​The Jim Rome Show​ on CBS and was asked by Rome if there was any tampering with the lottery.
Bernstein: Shut Up, VinnyDel Negro was a curious choice from the outset in Chicago, where he believed a warmed-over Jim Valvano impersonation constituted coaching.
Wisch: Crying Foul On The Derrick Rose Blame GameWhile I’m not a doctor – and didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night – I’m of the school of thought that if Rose’s ACL was going to blow out, then it was going to blow out.