2020 Was A Bad Year For Rodent Complaints In Chicago, And 2021 Is Shaping Up To Be WorseThe year 2020 was a big year for rat complaints in Chicago – the worst in some time. But the latest public data from the city show this year is shaping up to be even worse.
Piece Of 53rd Street Named In Honor Of Yulelander 'Yolo 150' Seals, Streets And San Worker Killed By Salt Truck In FebruaryIn a fitting tribute, a street was named Wednesday in honor of a man who spent 25 years keeping Chicago’s streets clean and clear before he died tragically.
Worst Neighborhoods For Rats In Chicago: West Town Tops List For ComplaintsChicago’s issues with rats are no secret to anyone, but just how bad is the city’s rodent problem? CBS 2’s Tara Molina dug into the numbers Wednesday, focusing on the community area we found has more rat complaints than any other – West Town.
Chicago Street Sweeping Season Begins Thursday, So Get Ready To Move Your CarThe city posts orange "no parking" signs along street sweeping routes two business days in advance. Drivers who don't move their cars risk getting a $60 ticket.
Streets And Sanitation Crews Begins Removing 'Dibs' Markers From City StreetsIf you want to keep the lawn furniture, ironing board, or whatever else you used to save your parking spot last month, it's time to bring it inside if you don't want it hauled off to the dump.
Streets And Sanitation Workers To Begin Throwing Out 'Dibs' Markers Next Week As Heavy Snow Melts AwayStarting Tuesday, Streets and Sanitation crews will begin picking up any unclaimed "Dibs" markers along their daily garbage collection routes. 
The Controversial Tradition Of Chicago 'Dibs'“I’m actually kind of ashamed of it, but after spending half an hour shoveling and hurting my back and seeing no other spots available I just felt like there was no other option.”
Department Of Streets And Sanitation Sends Out 211 Plows As More Snow ArrivesThe Chicago Department of Transportation on Sunday dispatched 211 snow plows as more snow returned to the Chicago area.
24 Hours After Snowstorm, Residents On Buried Side Streets Feel ForgottenDepartment of Streets and Sanitation snow plows moved to the side streets Tuesday evening, but many Chicagoans were still dealing with a struggle.
With Alleys Impassable And City Pickup Suspended, Chicagoans' Trash Is Piling Up After SnowstormNot only are some Chicagoans buried under a foot or more of snow, but they also are stuck with what is in some cases weeks’ worth of garbage.
Many Cars Still Trapped As Chicago Side Streets Still Not Cleared Of SnowA spokesperson for Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation said they hope city plows can get off the main roads and onto the side streets sometime Tuesday evening.