Top 5 Moments In Super Bowl HistoryA great Super Bowl moment for one fan is a crushing blow for another. Check out these top 5.
Hester Wants To Return, But Open To Reunion With Lovie Smith TooDevin Hester has made it clear that he wants to stay with the Bears, but if that doesn’t happen, he has another idea.
Silverman: Special Teams Slump Has Hurt Bears The Bears can’t afford to give yards away on special teams, but they are doing that in generous fashion.
Durkin's Rapid Reaction: Bears Earn A Loss In MinnesotaIf there's such a thing as earning a loss, the Bears did just that.
Hester, Chris Johnson Race Cheetahs; Who Wins?National Geographic has pitted two of the fastest football players against cheetahs from Busch Gardens in Tampa to see who could cross the finish line first.
Durkin's Rapid Reaction: Bears Run Over By RamsFor the second straight week, the Bears came out flat, except this time there was no comeback.
Hoge: Hester Reflects On Last Time He Played Cornerback In St. LouisDevin Hester’s 2006 trip to St. Louis was one his best games as pro and one of his worst.
Hoge’s Notes: Devin Hester Playing CB? ‘You Never Know’Devin Hester worked out the Bears' defensive backs in practice Wednesday.
Joniak's Keys To The Game: Bears Vs. PackersOffensive possessions have to be treated like gold against the Packers.
Bernstein: Bears A Bad DreamFiguring out what was meaningful from a game like that requires an unusual approach.
Durkin's Rapid Reaction: Battered Bears Come Up ShortThe bye week couldn't arrive a better time for a battered Bears team.
Redskins Outscore, Outlast Bears, McCown 45-41 The Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins moved the ball in the second half as if it were a game of 7-on-7, with Josh McCown shaking off two seasons of regular-season inactivity while trying to keep pace with Robert Griffin III.
Joniak's Keys To The Game: Bears At Redskins Devin Hester is itching to make a big play in the return game.
Ten Foot Mailbag: Robbie Gould’s Leg And Rick Reilly’s Foot (In Mouth)Thursday night Robbie Gould tied the NFL record held by Minnesota Viking Blair Walsh for most consecutive makes from 50+.
Bernstein: Bears Better Than BadThe Giants are the equivalent of 500 milligrams of Aleve – if you can get past what they might do to your stomach, you end up feeling somewhat better for a little while.