CBS 2's Ed Curran Tests Battery-Operated Heated ClothingWith an arctic blast coming, why not try battery-operated heat clothing.
Winter Storm Warning Remains In Effect Until Midnight For ChicagolandThe National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning on Saturday that remains in effect until midnight on Sunday night.
First Measurable Snowfall Expected SundayIt may start to look more like the holidays on Sunday with the Chicago area expected to see snow.
At Wrigley Field, Fences Go Up, World Series Sod Is RemovedA week after the Cubs' historic championship, chalk love letters are about to be washed away. CBS 2's Ed Curran reports.
Rain, Cooler Temps Persist Today, But Sunday Looks BetterShowers and potential thunderstorms will continue to loom until late Saturday, with highs in the mid-60s.
The Reason Lake Shore Drive Pavement Buckles Pavement has been buckling in the summer heat along South Lake Shore Drive.
With Automobiles, Good Luck Defining 'Made In America'Only a relatively handful of models really qualify for that phrase anymore, a popular car website says. Ed Curran looks at the top "American" models.
Rising Lake Michigan Reclaims Chicago Area ShorelineEverybody's boat is a little higher these days. That's good and bad, CBS 2's Ed Curran reports.
Star Shower Laser Lights Flying Off ShelvesCBS 2’s Ed Curran reports the $40 product creates thousands of tiny red and green laser lights on your home, saving you the trouble of hanging lights, the hassle of burned out bulbs, and a more festive Christmas electric bill.
Stores, Shoppers Ready For Black Friday DealsCBS 2’s Ed Curran takes a look at how stores are preparing for the mad dash for deals.
Testing CO Detectors Could Be A LifesaverCBS 2's Ed Curran says you may remember to change your battery when you change your clock, but have you given any thought to changing your detector?
To Rake Or Not To Rake The Leaves? Expert Weights InCBS 2’s Ed Curran spent the day with a horticulturalist to answer once and for all if you should or shouldn’t rake the leaves.
Despite Summer-Like Temps, It’s Starting To Look More Like ChristmasThe temperature may be running 15 degrees above the norm, but at Macy's on State Street, they gotta do what they gotta do. The famous tree in the Walnut Room is being decorated for its lighting this Saturday and generally, around the store it's beginning to look a lot like…well, you get the idea.
Contestants Seek Nod -- And $10,000 Prize -- For Best 'Elevator Pitch' It’s called an elevator pitch: selling your business idea to a potential investor in a mere 60 seconds.
Comics Expert Has Prototype 'Supergirl' Magazine From 1944The DC superheroine debuted in 1959. CBS 2's Ed Curran explains she goes back a little further.