Ed's Driveway: Toyota SiennaI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m a fan of the minivan. This is an all new design from Toyota of their Sienna.
Ed's Driveway: GMC YukonThe Yukon is a powerful vehicle with power to spare.
Ed's Driveway: Ford Mustang Mach-ESome people were very upset that Ford’s first all-electric SUV would bear the Mustang name, but when you’re going in a brand new direction you may as well hang your hat on a name your brand is known for.
Ed's Driveway: Mercedes-Benz E450If you think this is a great looking car on the outside, wait until you climb inside.
Ed's Driveway: Subaru CrosstrekIt drives more like a car than an SUV, but then it throws at you features like all wheel drive and rugged good looks. 
Ed's Driveway: Nissan KicksOn the surface the Nissan Kicks is a comfortable, get around anywhere, economy car. But it packs a whole lot of punch for the money.
Ed's Driveway: Chevy SilveradoWe're behind the wheel of a well known pickup truck -- the Chevy Silverado. It's a full size 4-wheel drive pickup truck with a quiet and powerful Durmamax diesel engine. 
Ed's Driveway: Memorable Drives Of 2020We are looking back at the memorable test drives of 2020.
Ed's Driveway: 2020 Nissan FrontierThe Nissan Frontier is a truck that's been around through all the trends, and now it's updated for 2020 with a new engine. 
Ed's Driveway: Land Rover DefenderLand Rover has brought back the Defender. This is the latest version of that legendary vehicle that was around for so many years.
Ed's Driveway: Lincoln AviatorWe're behind the wheel of an SUV built right here in Chicago. It's the beautiful Lincoln Aviator, which is built on Chicago's great South Side.