Field Museum Scientists Studying Meteorite Found After January FireballThe golf ball-sized meteorite was recovered on a frozen pond in Michigan after a fireball lit up the sky on Jan. 16, when a meteor fell to Earth.
Field Museum To Study Meteorite From Michigan After Tuesday's FireballPhilip Heck, the Field Museum’s Pritzker Associate Curator for Meteorites and Polar studies, said he's really excited to get his hands on the rock.
ID Day At The Field Museum Gives Answers To Rock Solid QuestionsEver find a rock or a seashell that looked like a fossil? Once a year, scientists at the Field Museum take a look, at no charge, and give you their best answer.
Before She Moves, SUE The T-Rex Toys With Twitter Followers' EmotionsNews that SUE the T-Rex will be disappearing for awhile has some of her Twitter fans wondering: what's happening to her sassy tweets?
3 Years For Woman Who Embezzled $1 Million From Field MuseumA U.S. district judge ordered the woman pay back $906,484 in restitution.
Mild Winter Means Early Migration For Some BirdsOur warmer-than-usual winter appears to have sparked a little early migration to the Chicago area for a couple of kinds of birds.
Feds: $1M Stolen From Field Museum Funded Luxury Cars, JewelryFederal prosecutors say the woman who stole nearly $1 million from the Field Museum while working there for a decade used the money to buy expensive clothing, watches, handbags and to drive “one luxury car after another.”
Field Museum Offers Free Admission In FebruaryThe Field Museum is offering free admission to Illinois residents throughout the month of February.

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