Chicago Weather: Flooding Concerns Linger As Water Levels Rise; Scattered Showers Possible
Chicago Weather: Flooding Across The Area After Heavy Rains, Chicago River Flowing Into Lake Michigan, Homeless Rescued From Lower WackerA Flash Flood Watch is in effect for most of the Chicago area until Sunday night as rain continues through the day and a low pressure systems rides over Chicago.
Chicago Weather: Flood Warnings Linger After Overnight StormsOvernight storms are causing flooding concerns Friday morning.
Chicago Weather: Showers, Storms; Chance For Severe Weather In The EveningHeavy rain and thunderstorms are expected throughout the day and into the evening.
Chicago Weather: Sunny, Warm Day; Storms On The WayWednesday is going to be a sunny and warm day, but the clear skies will not last. 
Chicago Weather: Chilly Morning, Warm And Sunny Day AheadTuesday is going to be a warm and sunny day, but first, chilly conditions will start the day.
Chicago Weather: Warmup On The WayWhile Monday will still be colder-than-average, a big warmup is on the way.
Chicago Weather: Breezy And Cold With Showers For Mother's Day; Lakeshore Flood Advisory In Northwest IndianaMother's Day will be breezy and cold with showers. Temperatures will make a little progress, rising to 52 by noon, but they will fall back into the low 40s through the afternoon. 
Chicago Weather: Showers In Store For Mother's DayMother's day will be just 54 degrees and bring showers. 
Chicago Weather: Freeze Warning AheadA freeze warning is approaching as temperatures drop Friday. 
Chicago Weather: Sunny, Warm Day; Temperatures Drop AheadThursday is going to be a sunny and warm day.
Chicago Weather: Sunny Day, Climbing Temperatures AheadTemperatures are climbing to the upper 50s and low 60.
Chicago Weather: Cool Temperatures, Morning Rain ShowersIt's going to be a rainy day.
Chicago Weather: Cooler Temperatures, Rain AheadIt's going to be a partly cloudy day with cooler than average temperatures to start the week. 
Chicago Weather: Flooding Concerns Follow Persistent Rain, But Dry Weather AheadAlmost all of the Chicago area picked up 1 to 3 inches of rain over the past few days, and some far northern suburbs got as much as 5 inches.