How Do I Know If My Lawyer Is An Experienced Accident Or Injury Lawyer?
What Is A Contingency Fee?A contingency fee agreement between an attorney or law firm and a client means there are no upfront fees.
Railroad Accidents & InjuriesThe Federal Employees Liability Act (FELA) provides special protection to employees of railroads.
I Was In An Accident With An Uber Driver, What Should I Do?As with any car accident, it's important to gather contact details from all drivers involved
Where Are Doctors Required To To Submit Medical Bills?In personal injury cases, medical institutions don't need to submit a bill to the other driver's insurance company.
Company Physician v. Personal Physician – On The Job InjuriesBy law, injured workers are allowed to have their personal physician of choice manage their on-the-job injury.
Should I Quit My job While My Case Is Open?Quitting your job may affect your future rights in a worker's compensation case, so it's generally recommended to stay employed.
Free Consultation: Do I Have To Hire An Attorney If I Meet With Them?If an attorney charges any fee for an initial consultation, skip that lawyer.
Is The Insurance Company Allowed To Investigate Me?In personal injury cases, insurance companies have the right to see if you had medical problems in the past.
Do I Need A Lawyer? What Type Specifically?Many times, attorneys will focus their personal injury practice towards a specific type of case.
Can The Insurance Company Limit My Medical Treatment Or Stop It Altogether?Worker's compensation law places some limits on your medical treatment, so you need to know the details.