(Some) Bulls Fans Express Displeasure: 'Fire GarPax' Billboard Is UpThe billboard is now up at Lake and Racine in the Near West Side neighborhood.
Rebuilding Bulls Open To Taking On Bad Contract With Asset(s) Attached"We want to have flexibility with our roster," general manager Gar Forman says.
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Bulls' Paxson Fires Back At Butler's Trainer After Forman Criticism: 'Unprofessional, Wrong'Travelle Gaines, Jimmy Butler's trainer, called Bulls general manager Gar Forman "a liar."
Jimmy Butler's Trainer Calls Bulls GM Gar Forman 'A Liar' After TradeButler's trainer Travelle Gaines said the Bulls have the "worst culture in the league."
Bulls' Hope For Fred Hoiberg This Offseason? 'Find Ways To Be A Better Leader'Management expressed displeasure with Hoiberg's inconsistent playing rotations.
The Bernstein Brief: Bulls Must Explain ThemselvesAfter a haphazardly crafted team slogged through a season, it's time to explain why the Bulls will matter again.
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Gar Forman: Future Salary Cap Space Vital In Bulls' Plan Moving Forward"It takes time," Forman says. "You're not going to address all your needs overnight."
Westerlund: Bulls Praise Fred Hoiberg's Growth While Continuing To Put Him In Precarious PositionIt's been hard to see the fit in any of the additions to the Bulls' roster in the Hoiberg era.
Baffoe: The Bulls Don't Respect YouPonder this question: What do John Paxson and Gar Forman do well?