AP: Players Received 53 Percent Of Incremental IncreaseFigures obtained by The Associated Press underscore the substantial divide between the NFL and the locked-out players on a core issue: What portion of additional revenue goes to players.
Muller: Why Would NFLPA Ever Want To Boycott The Draft?Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be considered one of the top NFL prospects, and how cool how cool it would be to get invited to Radio City Music Hall for the NFL Draft?
Tensions Rise In NFL Labor TalksBack where they started. The NFL and players' union are once again less than 24 hours away from a work stoppage. While the deadline has already been extended twice, it doesn't seem like a third time is an option.
Potential NFL Lockout Looming On Thursday NightIt's been talked about for over a year, but now the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement is just a few short days away.
NFL, Players' Union Begin Mediation On Friday, the NFL and the NFL Players' Union will attempt to solves their differences and find middle ground regarding the labor negotiations that are threatening a lockout of the 2011 season.
NFLPA Won't Boycott Scouting CombineA report surfaced a few weeks ago that the NFL players' union was discussing the idea of boycotting the NFL's Scouting Combine. Today, via the NFLPA's Twitter account, that report was denied.
NFL, Players Union Winners In Court Ruling Over TV ContractsThe NFL gets to cash its $4 billion in TV checks. The union gets about $7 million in damages from the league.
For Players, 18-Game Schedule 'A Slap In The Face'As both the NFL players and owners prepare to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, both sides have brought important issues to the table. The most polarizing issue for players and owners is the proposed 18-game schedule.