By Far, Illinois Has Least Trust In Government Among All 50 StatesBy an astonishingly wide margin, Illinois residents trust their government officials to handle their problems far less than any other state.
Furloughed In Chicago: For Some, The Uncertainty Is The Worst PartWhat happens when the government shuts down and you’re put on furlough? Well, events might unfold like this...
Cook County Tax Bills To Offer Unflattering Look At Local Government FinancesTreasurer Maria Pappas has outed the towns, school districts and other taxing bodies with balance sheets that will make you cringe. CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports.
CBS Local Presidential Forum: Obama/Romney: Talk Jobs, Economy and GovernmentVestiges of the economy also were found in the second question in the CBS Local Presidential Forum on their view of the role of the federal government.
Opinion: Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Lets Big Brother Walk In The Front DoorThe Supreme Court's decision upholding the individual mandate and the Affordable Care Act amounts to rolling out the welcome mat for Big Brother to intrude on the lives of Americans.
Opinion: It’s About Questionable Needs Of Those Who Get Government AssistanceStricter governmental guidelines are needed for a person to receive a government paycheck. These guidelines need to involve stricter limits on what people can do with their free government paycheck. If something isn’t needed for survival, it should not be purchased with the American taxpayer’s dollars.
Job Cuts Down In Last Month, Up From Last YearAhead of a key government jobs report for February coming up Friday, a Chicago-based research firm says downsizing by employers eased last month.
Evanston Weighs Abolishing Township GovernmentA move is afoot in Evanston to do away with the township form of government.

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