Local Government Leaders Fear Continuing Budget StalemateLocal Government leaders say Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis only makes things worse for them if it continues past Friday.
Emanuel Calls Rauner A "Rookie Governor" With His Plan To Veto A 911 SurchargeMayor Emanuel is criticizing Governor Rauner’s plan to veto a 911 phone surcharge approved by state lawmakers.
Lawmakers Meet In Springfield For Day 1 Of Special SessionLawmakers are in Springfield on Wednesday for a Special Session of the General Assembly to try once again to iron out the Illinois budget crisis.
Rauner and Other Illinois Elected Officials React To Virginia ShootingIllinois elected officials took to social media to praise first responders and express condolences to Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot in Virginia.
Seniors Speak Out About Home Care Program Cuts Governor Rauner Wants To MakeSeniors and Democratic lawmakers are again raising their voices to fight cuts they say Governor Rauner wants to make in their home care program.
Governor Signs Bill To Keep Minor Offenders Out Of JailGovernor Bruce has signed into law legislation that reforms the state’s bail-bond system so that poor people who commit minor offenses don’t languish in jail.
At Issue: Key Lawmakers Believe A State Budget Agreement Is Still PossibleLawmakers in the Illinois Senate say they are in an agreement on many of the elements of a state budget and a measure was approved in their Chamber, but some nagging differences remain on some key issues.
Forrest Claypool Says Rauner Administration Treatment To CPS Is DiscriminatoryChicago Public Schools Chief Forrest Claypool said he is not holding his breath for help from Springfield to keep city schools open, but he is confident they will keep going.
Pritzker Discusses Resolving Budget Stalemate, Puts Down RaunerDemocratic candidate for governor JB Pritzker was working with pro-choice groups in the 43rd Ward on Tuesday and taking more shots at Governor Bruce Rauner.
Emanuel Calls Out Rauner For Watching Golf Instead Of Fixing State BudgetMayor Emanuel accuses Governor Rauner of watching a college golf tournament rather than dealing with the state's budget impasse.
Emanuel Urges A Focus On Governor Rauner To Fund CPS, Resolve BudgetWith seven days left in the legislative session, Mayor Emanuel is doing every thing he can to keep the focus on Governor Rauner for the Chicago Public Schools financial problems.
Governor Rauner Said He Is Trying To Bring More Companies, Jobs To IllinoisGovernor Rauner said it is not easy bringing more companies and jobs to Illinois, but he and his business allies are trying.
Chicago Alderman Infuriated With Budget Stalemate, Blames RaunerThe financial crisis at the Chicago Public Schools apparently has a leading alderman rhetorically wanting to wring the Governor's neck.
Rauner Travels State To 'Communicate With People Of IL. In Person'Gov. Bruce Rauner is on a campaign-style fly-around of Illinois to talk about the budget. But he says he's not campaigning right now.
J.B. Pritzker Officially Announces His Run For Illinois GovernorDemocrat J.B. Pritzker threw his hat into the ring on Thursday and his entrance may have further raised the stakes on what it costs to win an election.