Opinion: No, The Year-To-Year Rise In Law Enforcement Officer Deaths Isn't Because People Hate CopsWho knows, maybe there is a grand conspiracy to murder police officers. But you know what? The numbers provided by the FBI don’t come close to proving that. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.
Opinion: Who Cares If Murders Are Up, It's Not Like It's Affecting Your Neighborhood?Violence is up, let's blame the guns... I guess? Anyone else tired of the city's favorite scapegoat?
Year After Year, These Chicago Neighborhoods Continue To See The Most HomicidesOver the span of seven years, the same neighborhoods continued to log more homicides than the rest of the city.
The Chicago Neighborhoods That Didn't See A Drop In HomicidesThe sizable drop in homicides in 2013 is great... as long as you don't live in one of the neighborhoods that saw an increase.
Chicago Homicide Rate Saw A Large Drop In 2013, But Still Lags Behind The NationWith a significant decrease in homicides from 2012 to 2013, it's hard to continue calling Chicago the Murder Capital of America.
Chicago Not Actually 'Murder Capital' Of, Well, AnythingThanks to recent headlines, you'd think the FBI rolled out the red carpet and handed Chicago a beautiful, hand-engraved (in cursive!) plaque that reads Murderiest Murder City in Murderland. In reality, the FBI did no such thing. Here's a closer look at the FBI's statistics and how they do and do not relate to homicides in Chicago
City Touts Lower Homicide Stats, But Context Reveals Return To NormalCity officials on Monday suggested Chicago's safer than it’s been in 50 years. In reality, the first quarter of the year is simply a return to normal after a huge spike in murders early last year.
Homicide Rate Not Hurting City TourismTourism officials are keeping an eye on the headlines but say the city's homicide rate doesn't seem to be keeping visitors away.
No Murders For 5 Days, But Homicide Rate Still UpLess than two weeks after city officials touted the fact the city went 24 hours without a single shooting or homicide, Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged Monday that the city’s murder rate is up significantly during the first month of the year.